The Highly Meditated & Cosmically Guided
Event Series presents…


~ a sacred journey with plant teachers ~

The Sacred Medicine Circle is a 4-part process that requires a commitment to all four parts.  If that is not possible then this offering and Traci is not for you. This package includes a pre-session container with a 1:1 integration call with Traci via Zoom, a group meet and greet via zoom, the live and in-person sacred medicine ceremony and a post integration group session via Zoom.  Additional integration sessions can be purchased. 

In this sacred ceremonial circle, we will use a specific plant medicine* to journey with Mother Earth (Mamacita), Father Heaven (Cosmic Intelligence) and their children the magic mushrooms called Psilocybin. 

Not only will you take a self-directed journey with the plant medicine teachers you will also experience deep cellular memory healing as Traci moves through this timeline’s Akashic records to deprogram the blocked generational trauma energy and the affected chakras.  Along with psychedelics, we will use sound therapy, mediation and energy medicine to reprogram the cellular memory as directed by the Teachers. You will embark into a profound state of Self Awareness as the ceremony uncovers obstacles of ego and activates rich experiences of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual cleansing. 

This empowering container is guaranteed to create an experience beyond just the ceremony.  One that holds space for a viscerally higher and continual vibration ideal for Self Love.

This dynamic Self Healing is only recommended when you are ready –  because you have done your own work honestly – when you are ready to feel inspired, to experience deeper levels of Self Love and to open to greater depths of mental and/or emotional disentanglement.  It is also perfect when you are looking to explore new paths and opportunities for Spiritual Awakening from within.

Classes are small and intimate. These live sessions will be up to 8 hours in duration for the ceremony, treatment and integration and a meal PLUS a Zoom integration call 5 days later. Additional treatment sessions are available for an additional fee and after June 2024 may be covered by your natural health practitioner insurance.


Limited time offer
regular price $579+HST


9:45am ~ arrival is between 9:15 and 9:45

10am ~ Welcome Circle & intention Setting

10:30 ~ a Lesson Sacred Ceremonies

11:30am ~ Ingestion & Breath Work

11:45am ~ Self-directed Spiritual Journey

6:00 pm ~ a Group Integration Session

7:00pm ~ a Nourishing meal

7:45pm – closing ceremony

Meet Your Spiritual Guides

right to left: Traci Trimble, Spiritual Guide &
Kylie Choudhry, Spiritual Guide

Your Guides for this event are Traci, a masculine energy Mystical Xenagogue and Kylie, a feminine energy Shamanic Spirit.  Together they will weave in and out of your bioenergetic field deprogramming non-beneficial blocks within your bioenergetic field and reprogramming a higher frequency and vibration into your conscious awareness.
Traci, a Spiritual Xenagogue, is a mystical tour guide and translator effortlessly traversing the space between heart-driven energy medicine and the traditional ways of mystical knowing. She is a Doctor of Metaphysical Psychology who is devoted to a lifetime of authentic exploration of the spirit and wisdom of the mystery school teachings, sacred plant medicine teachers* and the science of metaphysics with the intention of healing the generational trauma that blocks the Spirit from having an empowering Human experience. Her purpose on this planet is teaching spiritual seekers willing to do their own shadow work honestly and her passion is to guide them to the light through the deepest levels of Self-awareness without judgment.
Kylie, a Shamanic spirit, is a walker between worlds, a certified 350hr Yoga Teacher and a Reiki Master with degrees in both sociology and education. She is committed to a lifetime of spiritual practice, Earth connection and exploration of our multidimensional reality through various pathways, including being a student of, and a conduit for, the spirit of plant medicine teachers*.  Using her experience with yogic practices to guide fellow travelers to move the body, engage the breath and settle the mind, assisting in uncovering ever greater levels of awareness.  She uses her connection to the light to offer infusions of powerful energy channeled from spirit to shed light on shadow that wishes to be seen and to act as a mirror that reflects back a reminder of our natural energetic state.