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Energy Fusion is an intensive 3-hour experience designed to create both intense physical connection and a deep spiritual healing.  With a focus on receiving a Soul Reading, we will take a multifaceted look at the ways in which your energy gets overwhelmed, blocked and/or triggered and how that affects your your everyday life.  
On this powerful day, we will journey into Chakra alignment, followed by working through the process called “Tough Love”.  Traci will channel information directly from your energy body to determine which chakra is holding the trauma, name the exact cause of the suffering and will then use energy medicine, meditation. sound therapy and yoga asanas to shift you back into alignment – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
In this healing session you will embark on a metaphysical journey of Self Awareness that allows you to quickly transition beyond the Body, Ego and Soul into a more aware state of TRUE SELF.  This dynamic session is ideal when you are feeling uninspired, experiencing self-sabotage, struggling with mental or emotional chaos or looking to explore new paths or opportunities.
 Classes are small and intimate, only three hours in duration and include the treatment and optional post integration session on the following Thursday at 8:00 pm EST.

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Traci, is a mystical Xenagogue, a spiritual tour guide and translator effortlessly traversing the space between heart-driven energy medicine and the traditional ways of mystical knowing. 

She is a Doctor of Metaphysical Psychology who is devoted to a lifetime of authentic exploration of the spirit and wisdom of the mystery school teachings, sacred plant medicine teachers* and the science of metaphysics with the intention of healing the generational trauma that blocks the Spirit from having an empowering Human experience. 

Her purpose on this planet is teaching spiritual seekers willing to their own shadow work honestly and her passion is to guide them to the light through the deepest levels of Self awareness without judgment.

Traci channels this timeline’s Akashic records, deprograms the blocked generational trauma from your cellular energy and balances the affected chakras.  She uses sound therapy, mediation and energy medicine to reprogram the cellular memory to a viscerally higher vibration. This session uncovers obstacles of ego and activates rich experiences of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual cleansing.