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We are pleased to announce that in January of 2023  a 2.5 hour deep dive into each key element (the chapters of the Human being user manual) and each experience from 0 to 10 is broken down into what it means to and for you, how it plays out the natural law of cause and effect with and without your awareness and exactly how you will use it to be mostly awesome most of the time!

2.5 hours, plus at least 1 hour of homework, plus any ongoing tweaks (each month if you are in Membership Level Two)

$85 one time fee for lifetime access

Divine Assignment, Soul Reveal Reading, Soul Healing Protocol

Your SHP journal & journey master document, paper, pen and markers; a bottle of water and a quiet place to work for up to 3 hours

In Soul Healing Protocol journey, you designed your very basic yet specific to your map for thriving within your timeline. However, with each new development in our Spiritual growth, we need to update our resources and that means really deeply understanding each of these pieces of your Scale in order to operate from this unique to you chapter in the human being user manual. This course does just that. This deep dive into each of the points of interest on your map provides you with that upgraded knowledge and is this portal is available for you to revisit each time you level up in your conscious awareness.


  • instant Self Awareness
  • stop reacting and start responding
  • snap out of negative super fast
  • own your power
  • achieve the best in Life

User Testimonial

Jessica Simon

I have been following this map and became happier by doing the work honestly