a simple 90-second process to shift out of pain & into your power

This 4-part master course that has the power to revolutionize your life – “TAKE YOUR POWER BACK” by Traci Trimble, Metaphysician.  In a world filled with distractions, chaos, and uncertainty, it’s easy to lose sight of our true selves and the unique purpose we were meant to fulfill. We often find ourselves disconnected from our spiritual essence, leaving us feeling lost, unfulfilled, and disconnected from the very source of our being.

But fear not! Traci Trimble, a renowned Metaphysician with nearly 20 years service, has dedicated her life to helping individuals like you harness their inner strength, reclaim their spiritual power and find clarity in the everyday messages received through the body. Her profound insights into the human experience have led her to create this life-changing introductory course, designed to help you understand and access your innate operating system, which acts as a guardian of your spiritual connection and share the human being user manual that resides within your cellular memory.

Discover what Mystics have known for thousands of years...

We are Spirit Energy here on this timeline to have a human experience, complete with a with a Divine Blueprint! We just need to activate our innate operating system.

So, let’s get started…