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ABOUT The Soul Reveal Reading

After completing the complimentary short course (approximately 45 minutes) called the Divine Assignment that explains exactly why each of us choose Human Being and that we are here for a specific reason, it is very likely that you want to know the answers to WHY am I here, What am I suppose to be doing with my life and WHO am I?

Well, it is the answer to these questions that we discover in the Soul Reveal Reading!  In this personalized 20 or 50 minute session with Traci Trimble, PhD,. D.MPsych, she will channel from your Akashic Records the exact Divine Assignment that you incarnated into this life timeline to experience and she will also read your cellular memory to share the exact name (the frequency and vibration) of your Generation Trauma that has blocked or is filtering your capacity to remember your truth. 

You would also have discovered, in the complimentary short course, that being out of alignment with your Divine Assignment and being controlled by your FEAR stories is actually what is creating your Spiritual disconnection… your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual pain and suffering.

What are the 5 SIGNS that you are Spiritually Disconnected?

  1. You feel uninspired most of the time
  2. You are self sabotaging over and over
  3. You are experiencing depression and/or anxiety
  4. You are avoiding seeking support even though you know it could be helpful
  5. You are sick and tired of being sick and tired

For your one time investment of either $79 or $179 not only are you taking back your own power but also you are open the once locked room where your unique human being user manual resides!

Why is The Soul Reading Reveal such important Spiritual Development work?


Imagine that YOU ARE in fact Spirit ~ 100% pure Energy ~ who has ‘chosen’ Human being as a school of sorts.  Imagine that we have each come here on a DIVINE ASSIGNMENT. In part, we are here to have thoughts, feelings and experiences but also to learn and grow as individuals.  The challenge is that most of us have forgotten this and are now in a state of conscious or unconscious out of alignment with our “Truth”.  This has, unfortunately, created a fight, flight, freeze response in all areas of our lives.  However,  embedded within our cellular memory are all of the details… just waiting for us to REMEMBER. As solution to our HURT.  A way to HEAL.

In the Spiritual Self-development video, called The Divine Assignment, you were introduced to the possibility that we are all Spirit in Human form and are on this Earthly Plane for a very specific purpose.  I call this our FATE or our destiny and I am here to guide you on the journey of remembering WHO you really are!

How do I do that…  Well, I start by sharing with you the pieces of your Divine Assignment. This is the first of 4 major legs of this journey. In this first leg, the Soul Reveal Reading, you will leave this session knowing exactly the name of your Generational Trauma and your True Path so that we can deprogram your Human being story from existing in the singular polarity of FEAR.


You are ready! 


It is time for you to remember who you truly are. All you have to do is trust your own Self, that voice within you that has drawn you to me in the first place. Join me for your Soul Reveal Reading. Book this reading here and as a bonus you will also receive access to the Soul Reveal Reading Portal AND the Spiritual Reset course, a value of $329, for no additional charge.  


Completing this course opens the door for deep generational trauma healing and a Self Awareness of your own personal in and out of Spiritual Alignment habits and beliefs. 

Let’s get started…


Key Concepts

  • WHO you truly are
  • WHY you chose Human Being
  • HOW it is you have forgotten
  • WHAT your FEAR stories are all about
  • WHAT your ‘True Path’ was meant to be


Soul Reading Testimonial

Mouna Yassine

“At the time I decided to take the chance to do the Soul Reveal Reading Session, the thought of “what’s left to lose anyways” was the last thought on my mind just before I entered the session. I believe that I was nearing the crossline of what some call rock bottom, and I knew exactly what that meant – for me.”

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