February 2024 Behind the Scenes at TraciTrimblePhD

February 2024

Behind the Scenes at TraciTrimblePhD

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VIDEO: Turning Awake

a lyrical message from Ayla Nereo

In this newsletter video lesson, I share a Self Awareness Without Judgement class on the dissection of Alya Nereo’s song TURNING AWAKE from her album The Code of the Flower that has become my anthem for 2024.  She holds a mantle for all who “turn from FEAR, stand for the free…sing with those who remind us that we are born of dust and silence, we are made of ancient songs”.  

If your Soul is tired and you are looking to level up then this song is the medicine. Enjoy!

Step #1.  Listen to the song via Youtube (6m14s)
Step #2.  Watch the Lesson (12m39s)
Step #3.  Listen again from a new perspective (6m14s)

Step # 2. WATCH
Angus & Traci enjoying a fall afternoon by the fire; 2023

A Message From Your Spiritual Xenagogue

Everything on our planet right now is moving so fast.  As Spirit Energy having a Human experience, evolving is an ever changing conscious awareness that demands our daily consistent attention. As a Metaphysician, I live to offer empowering ways to support you in developing conscious Self Awareness without judgement – including these newsletters.

Since the new year, I have embarked on a role as an Educator in the DivN8 community (check them out at DivN8.com), I have designed a brand new interactive online course that teaches you how to harness your universal life force energy with a 90 second practice.  It launches in March with an unheard of introductory tuition of $79.  Starting February 19th everyone who has completed their Soul Reveal Reading will be invited to a free weekly lesson live in the Human Being User Manual private Facebook group and as always the Self Awareness Academy is loaded with complimentary and paid for metaphysical content.

The message that I would like to leave you with today is one I garnered from Robert Edward Grant (who I introduce you to below) and it has changed my perception of the world around me and the weight of the collective energy for the better – it has saved me on Facebook a dozen times or more!  It is this… “All judgement is Self judgement”.  I love this simple lesson because it falls easily into my teaching on our POWER and TRIGGER energies.  It is my belief and experience that we all come to this timeline to learn how to embody a very specific positive empowerment that I call our POWER energy.  It is our purpose.  Our TRIGGER energy on the other hand is our negative polarity – literally how we learn.  We get triggered, we learn the lesson and we level up to our power.  It really is just that simple.  

All judgement is Self judgment is an immediate reminder that if I am triggered then I am ripe for a new lesson that is being mirrored for me to embrace. I could ignore it or chose to believe that it isn’t about me – it’s about them – but it never is.  Everything on this planet is pushing us to stand in our POWER, to learn the lessons of choosing Human.

Take some time this week to just pay attention to what you judge as both awesome and horrible.  Recognize at a conscious level what you really think and feel about yourself.  If you have questions, concerns or ideas reach out – I would LOVE to hear from you!

A Spiritual Xenagogue is a tour guide of the Human experience & translator of the Human Being User Manual

We are all SPIRIT energy here on a  Divine Assignment to learn as much as possible about being Human… 

I am here as a
Spiritual TOUR Guide & TRANSLATOR of the human experience 
it is my purpose and my honour to be of
enormous benefit
to and for YOU! 


It is that time again… 
Dana from ‘Thermography Medical Clinic’ will be my office again on March 22nd to provide
you with valuable physical body information.  Do you want to see your
physical body through the lense of Thermography!   


Did you know that the skin is the body’s most intelligent organ and is “wired” with a communication network connecting all other organs and physiological processes in the body?  Let me ask you this… do you want to SEE what your body has been trying to tell you?  YES!, right.  Then check out thermography. And allow me to invite you to my clinic day in September:

This booking link is for my offering; however, ALL clinics in ONTARIO can be found below; choose anyone that works best for you.. it is that important!

More information...

Thermography offers a non-contact and non-invasive way to identify and assess areas of inflammation that show up on the skin as variations in temperature. The skin is the body’s most intelligent organ and is “wired” with a communication network connecting all other organs and physiological processes in the body. In other words, the skin responds to physiological changes and a thermography device records those changes.

There is now a consensus that chronic inflammation is a clinical marker for a compromised immune system and the onset of chronic disease – even as the initial inflammatory condition may be asymptomatic for an extended period of time. 

Thermography measures the temperature at every point of the body and generates thermal maps of temperature variations. Clinically, thermography is a test of physiology that relies on the sympathetic nerve control of skin blood flow and the ability of the sympathetic nervous system to respond to and react to pain, pathology, injury or dysfunction anywhere in the body. By providing information on the biological activity of the body (metabolism and circulation), thermography is classified as a functional test. By contrast, technologies such as x-rays, ultrasound, MRIs and mammograms provide information on the internal anatomy of the body and are therefore considered to be structural tests. As recognized by the FDA since 1982, thermography is a complementary tool to these other technologies, and while none of these tools are stand-alone diagnostic tools, there is growing evidence of a substantial increase in the effectiveness of screening procedures when multiple tests, including thermography, are included in health assessments – precisely because each test provides unique information about the state of health. 

As the human body is one large inter-related system, and as the inflammatory markers associated with specific conditions can manifest in different areas of the body and be associated with different symptoms, there is often substantial value-added from analyzing the wider set of information available from more comprehensive thermography studies. For this reason, it is generally indicated that a full-body study, or at least an upper-body study, is preferable over studies that cover only a specific region (such as the breast or the cranial study). The additional understanding, including the correlation of different manifestations of inflammatory markets, is often valuable for practitioners in devising an individualized treatment approach. Every person deserves the truth about their state of health.

Find out if you have inflammation before it becomes a chronic condition:

  • Baseline Study visualizes the current state of health and prioritizes areas of concern.
  • Follow-up Studies monitor progress toward optimal health and wellness.
  • By producing a thermal map of the body, thermography allows you to visualize your health and encourages a more proactive and participatory approach to health and wellness.

At TMC, we call thermography a Health Discovery Tool and we consider it to be a very important part of a preventive wellness program. It is always important to discuss your thermography report with your healthcare practitioner. Dr. Sharon will be happy to support you.

Thermography Services

Breast Thermography ($215) – 30 min

A thermography study can help to identify abnormal vascular patterns and significant temperature differences which are associated with the development of chronic disease in the breast region, and it can also aid in monitoring the structural integrity of implants. 

In the area of the breast, thermography can aid in the detection of the following potential conditions:

o Breast Cysts
o Lymphatic Congestion
o Estrogen Dominance
o Generalized Inflammation
o Fibrocystic Breasts
o Hormone Imbalances

Women’s and Men’s Upper Body ($295) – 45 min
The Upper Body Study covers the head and neck, breast, chest, upper back, abdomen, and lower back.

In upper body studies, for example, thermography has been shown to be an effective tool for assessing the functional status of the digestive system, cardiopulmonary system, the lymphatic system, and muscular skeletal system. By seeing what the human eye cannot see, thermography can also assist the clinician in locating the optimal treatment areas.

Women’s and Men’s Full Body ($365) – 60 min
The Full Body Study covers the entire body—head to toe. Thermography helps to identify inflammatory, neovascular and neurological phenomena based on levels of temperature, differences in temperature,and appearance and location of thermal patterns. With thermographic imaging, we can identify areas of suspected inflammation and infection because they present with heat. Once an area of concern is identified, recommendations for specific follow-up tests and/or examinations become an important part of the thermography report. In addition, many dietary, lifestyle and environmental factors have been shown to play a part in the inflammatory process.

What am I crazy about?

Everything I am crazy about serves one purpose and only that one purpose – SELF MASTERY.  To be in alignment with the natural laws, first and foremost, balancing the Spiritual and Physical… ‘As above; So below!

My Kangen Water System

In Earth School we follow the 12 Earth Lessons divined by Spirit Energy having a human experience.  The 1st Earth Lesson is PHYSICAL well-being.  There are five elements to well-being including breath, water, movement, nutrition and sleep.  Water is all about being hydrated.  Imagine, as we learn more and more about the biome and it’s role as the bodies brain it is becoming even more important to be consuming live water that has the ability to support the biome.

In the summer, my family and I decided that we would invest in our health and well-being with a water system that offered, from our tap, pH balanced water.  Since then we have been drinking 9.5pH, cooking with 8.5pH and giving the dogs the same.

As you may remember from chemistry class, water’s neutral pH is 7. Any pH below that is more acidic, and anything higher is more alkaline. Alkaline eating and drinking is better for us.

“The idea of drinking water that is considered more alkaline is that it can neutralize the acid in your body to regulate your pH levels and lead to a variety of health benefits,” says Will Cole, D.C., IFMCP. “This includes acting as an antioxidant to fight free radicals which damage cells and DNA.”


What am I listening to?

My Personal Sound Healing Playlist

The more research I do, the deeper I sit in mediation and the more often I engage with the Sacred Plant Teachers one very clear message is consistently coming up… Sound is the medicine of the future.  I have been using sound therapy in my personal practice for years now and over the past 18 month with my clients/students/patients.

Here are my top 5 favourite picks right now.  Enjoy!

Who am I following?

Robert Edward Grant

Robert is brillant.  You can check out his YouTube channel or google him for all of his accolades.  I originally found him on Gaia and then my mastermind group ‘The Great Work’ started referencing his videos with Aubrey Marcus – so of course I got on Youtube! This was the beginning of a never ending rabbit hole for me. I just LOVE listening to him and everything he shares – even when it goes right over my head.  He has so many incredible ideas including this one with Aubrey where they go through the 7 Hermetic Principals:

Description from Aubrey’s site: Who was Hermes Trismegistus and what are his teachings? What can we learn today from this esoteric wisdom that withstood the passage of time, kept alive for thousands of years? Polymath Robert Edward Grant is a wealth of wisdom in a great many fields, and today he came on the podcast to explore these very questions. We dive into the seven hermetic principles as described by the Kybalion, one of the great foundational esoteric teachings from whence we source quotes such as ‘As above; So below.’ As well as this deep dive into the Kybalion, Robert decodes other profound esoteric teachings rooted in other ancient sources, such as The Dead Sea Scrolls, The Book Of Enoch, The Emerald Tablets.

March Newsletter Nuggets

Stay tuned in the next newsletter for …

Featured Event

The HIGHLY MEDITATED series are live and in-person events hosted by Traci Trimble, Ph.D, D.MPsych in Port Perry, Ontario, Canada on the 3rd Saturday of each month…

About Saced Medicine Circle

These sacred plant medicine journeys take place on the 3rd Saturdays in October, February, March, May and July annually. 

In this sacred ceremonial circle, we will use a specific plant medicine* to journey with Mother Earth (Mamacita), Father Heaven (Cosmic Intelligence) and their children the magic mushrooms called Psilocybin. 

This empowering container is guaranteed to create an experience beyond just the ceremony.  One that holds space for a viscerally higher and continual vibration ideal for Self Love.

Classes are small and intimate. These live sessions will be up to 10 hours in duration for the ceremony, experience, integration and a meal PLUS a Zoom integration call 5 days later. Additional integration treatment sessions are available for a fee and after June 2024, when Traci graduates from Psychedelic-assisted Therapy certification (PaT) you may be covered by your natural health practitioner insurance.


Not only will you take a self-directed journey with the plant medicine teachers you will also experience deep cellular memory healing as Traci moves through this timeline’s Akashic records to deprogram the blocked generational trauma energy and the affected chakras.  Along with psychedelics, we will use sound therapy, mediation and energy medicine to reprogram the cellular memory as directed by the Master Teachers. You will embark into a profound state of Self Awareness as the ceremony uncovers obstacles of ego and activates rich experiences of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual cleansing.

Saturday March 16, 2023 from 10am to 10pm

Port Perry, Ontario, Canada; the address will be sent to confirmed participants

A group meet & greet via zoom at 8pm Thursday before; a sacred ceremonial space, a metaphysical lesson, somatic breathing followed by a self directed spiritual experience; the plant medicine; a group integration and a healthy, delicious meal to wrap up the day up. In addition an optional but highly recommended group integration Zoom Event on the Thursday following the event at 8pm/EST    

Spring Solstice Initiation

In the spirit of opening to the new energy of spring we not only connect to the ancient wisdom of the sacred medicine teachers but also to the spiritual rebirth of our own existence.  All you are being asked to do is take a deep breath, allow yourself to be fully present to the magical rebirth that you will witness as the plant teachers guide you on a magical journey of Self Awareness.

Relax, let go, surrender to the light that wants to come forth from within you. Use the power of your intention to call on the universe to help you create daily routines that support your growth. You will be in touch with your true nature of LOVE, caring for your whole self as you listen to your pineal (god brain), heart (soul brain) and biome (body brain).

How to create more Self Love

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