A Message from Traci

This Journey is going to be
Welcome to Spirit being Human…


Living the Dream


I sure hope that I do not need to introduce myself by this point in our time together.  

So, instead, I would like to introduce my baby… the Practitioner’s Journey – formerly known as The Soul Healing Practitioners Program. 

This program was created to round out the three offerings to humanity that have come to fruition from remembering, trusting in and knowing my Divine Assignment. It is without any doubt that I am here, on planet Earth, to be of enormous benefit to all Beings as a Teacher and Spiritual Guide.  

My platform is the Divine Assignment, the Soul Healing Protocol and now the Practitioner’s Journey. 

I am so excited and grateful that you have chosen to take this Journey with me. 

I am here to guide, teach, heal and support you – not just over the next tens months either – for the remainder of my life as a teacher. 

<<< In this 15 minute video I share my WHY in creating this powerful and empowering certification and in inviting YOU to join me. 

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It is both my belief that God, the Universe, Cosmic Intelligence – whatever name works for you – has entrusted me with your Spiritual growth and development AND my absolute honour.  Please know that I take this honour with great responsibility and reverence.

Peace Profound,


Traci Trimble, PhD D.MPsych

Welcome to your Practitioner’s Portal

This will be home for the duration of the Practitioner’s Journey.  Your “Certification Modules” will open automatically on the first day of each month, except for Orientation which will open for you on the 3rd Monday in August – add those dates to your calendar to be sure to get back here.  

The Certification Modules are where your lessons, homework and class recordings will be found based on the area of study that we are in.  You will also find your Zoom links here too. Once a Module is unlocked you will have access to that content for life and access to any new content that I add over the years. All new content will be announced in your Practitioners private Facebook group.

Again, I am so excited and grateful to be on this incredible journey with YOU! I am so looking forward to each of us giving our virtuous qualities wholeheartedly, to this life, to each day and to each moment. May each of us, just by doing this work honestly, be of enormous benefit to all beings.  


Systems of Support

If for any reason you support in this container or in the overall portal, if your modules are not unlocking please reach out to Grace or Jay>>>


If for any reason you need to talk about where you are at, want the perspective of someone who has gone through this program then connect to Allison>>>


If you have metaphysical questions, need more in-depth answers to questions already posed or are struggling with any content (manual or video) then reach out to Traci by email or Facebook private message>>>



If for any reason you have a question, a concern or an idea that you fellow practitioners could learn from either your question or our answer please post it to your classes private Facebook group>>>