A Message from Traci…

I am so grateful to have this Membership Level Two platform called KNOW THYSELF and even more grateful that you have decided to join with me as your Teacher & Spiritual Guide. I look forward to being together in Soul recognition, alignment with our I AM energy and in unity with the Natural Laws. I meet you with the Sanskrit statement NAMASTE.  The translation and intention being this… ‘The Light within me; recognizes the Light within you”.

It is because of YOU that I live fully in my balance, passion and purposefulness ~both personally and professionally.  I cannot express in words exactly how much this group means to and for me.


more about Traci

About Traci

Let me introduce myself to you from the perspective of the language of Membership Level Two ~ KNOW THYSELF…

As a Spirit Energy having a Human experience my name is Traci Lynne; in Service (Career Energy) my name is Traci Trimble, Energy Worker.

In Soul recognition my DIVINE ASSIGNMENT is Male, Masculine, Taker; my FEAR stories are Disillusionment, Vengeance and Blame and my LOVE stories are Balance, Passion and Purposefulness. 

My ‘I AM’ energy is Betrayal (B4) as my negative polarity and  Abundance (B5) as my positive polarity.