How to Thrive on this Journey

A Welcome Message from your
Guide & Teacher, Traci Trimble, PhD

How to Thrive on this Journey

  • Set aside an appropriate amount of time each week to “do this work honestly”
  • Find a quiet and peaceful place to do this work undisturbed
  • Make a place to record your experiences while you do your work ~ folder on your computer or a journal
  • Show up to the coaching calls ~ learn from others, ask question or just listen. This experience is a big part of the value add
  • Join the SOUL HEALING PROTOCOL Facebook Group ~ all announcements from the Support team are posted there
  • Ask questions – in the Facebook group, the live coaching calls and/or through email
  • Work at your own pace ~ FOLLOW the prescribed flow… no exceptions!
  • Access the bonus material ~ there is a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips

Things to remember…

You will have access to this Portal for life.  

This is your resource centre as you create your own very unique Human Being user manual. 

Just remember to stay in the flow – not skipping a head and without going back either. Trust the process.

The assigned homework – be it an actual task or listening to the prescribed energy healing guided meditations ~ is not optional if you want the results that you are searching for.  If you do not do it you will not get the most optimized experience. Ideally, you are spending at least 90 minutes per week on the “work”; more if you want exemplary results!

Put the coaching calls in to your schedule and SHOW UP for your own personal and spiritual development; below are the details for your specific level coaching calls…

Coaching Calls with Traci Trimble, PhD; D.MPsych

These calls are my priority.  My purpose on this planet is to support you and the other Elementary-level Spiritual Seekers that have found me.  I do not think we have found each other for no reason.  Please know that most of the time I will be your Guide in these sessions, however, sometimes I need Spiritual Maintenance of my own.  When I am on holidays or taking a mental health day you will continue to be supported by myself, Allison, or one of the Soul Healing Practitioner Program (Practitioner’s Journey) Graduates or Candidates.

~ Traci

A friendly public service announcement: while I say that the coaching calls are optional I would HIGHLY recommend that you make it a priority during level three SELF MASTERY to be in the Tuesday at 6pm EST call.  These 12 sessions are the reprogramming phase of your treatment and are entirely self directed – making the call even that more important. This call is available to you for the rest of Traci’s career as your teacher and guide.

Level One (BETR/ DAS/ SOA) Coaching Call

We highly recommend that you follow a schedule starting with your very first coaching call on Thursday evening at 9:00pm EST, then begin with preparation and education; moving through a lesson per week. You will always be welcome to this call no matter where you are in the protocol – even once the protocol is completed.  Always!

  • all things Divine Assignment, FEAR story, Trauma Healing, and creating your Scales of Awareness
  • while the call is optional yet highly recommended
  • participation is not required at all for you to benefit
Optional Level One (From HURT to HEAL) Coaching Call

In a group setting, live via zoom facilitated by Traci Trimble, PhD; you will be supported and guided through your current level in the program.  This support will include physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing.

Level One Coaching Call

Level Two (Self Mastery) & Alumni Coaching Call

It is encouraged you show up to the Level Three coaching call on Tuesday’s at 6:00pm EST.   This call is only available to Level Three and Alumni students.  This coaching call is not only  available but also highly encourages for the life! Join Traci for a Self Mastery Program live coaching call where all of your questions will be answered. 

  • all things Self Mastery including ongoing evaluation of your Scales of Awareness
  • grounding & processing through your Attunements
  • support in creating your Precept
Optional Level Two (Self Mastery) Coaching call

In a group setting, live via zoom, you will be supported by Traci and team as you move through your specific “Area of Life” or Alumni month following the Cosmic Calendar.  You will be guided and coached to Know Thyself.

Level Two Coaching Call


GET Support

This email gets you to Administrative Support.  Our office hours are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 9am – 9pm, and Friday 10am – 2pm EST.  You will have a response within one business day.

ASK Traci

This is a “direct” link to Traci.  Be specific in your question(s) and sign off with your name.  Your file will be pulled, she will go into your energy and get back to you as quickly as possible.

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