Take Your Power Back

with Traci Trimble, PhD, D.MPsych, PaT


My name is Traci and I will be your Spiritual Xenagogue over the next 21 days. Everything I do with you is going to focus on education, empowerment and evolution.  This online course and workbook is no different.  I will first educate you to know why something is important and how to make it happen.  Then I will empower you to succeed on your own. You will chose to do this work or you will not.  Should you choose to take your power back then you will evolve to what I call ‘next level’ human.

There are five simple steps to take your power back – the first four are the absolute most important and are included for you in this online container that you will have lifetime access to;  the fifth is an offer that I will ask you to consider in the near future if you are called to Self Mastery. Set aside 90 minutes today to get started…

5 Simple Steps to TAKE YOUR POWER BACK:

  1. Start in the online container by watching the video lesson lesson below called ‘introducing the innate super highway’ and then module 2: the guided meditation 
  2. Read the workbook included in module 3
  3. Practice 21 days of daily consistent meditation, reflection and journaling
  4. Commit to 90-seconds of ACTIVATION every single day 
  5. Allow me to channel for you the true name of your POWER energy

You’ve got this and I’ve got you!

 ~ Traci  (and Angus, Therapy Dog; employee of True Path Consulting Group)


brought to you by The Human Being User Manual operating within your cellular memory

In this first of a 3- part masterclass, Traci Trimble, a doctor of Metaphysical Psychology shares 2 valuable lessons that every single human body on this planet needs to know to deprogram our conscious awareness from all of the programming of society, culture and indoctrination.  



In this first lesson, you will not discover that we all have an innate operating system that has been deactivated by generations of programming.  But also, how to activate your human being operating system by creating a  90-second daily energy medicine technique that clears the blocks to self-love responsible for humans being unable to remember who we truly are. 


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