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Soul Healing Protocol Resources


This is where you will find the links to every master document you will need for this entire program.  EACH of these documents will also be found within the lesson that you will need them for.  DO NOT allow this space to overwhelm you.  Later in the program when you just want to find something quickly you will not need to remember where it was… it is all right here!

Here is a list of what you will find below:

  • Divine Assignment homework masters including Soul’s Journey Document, Divine Assignment Pieces & FEAR stories
  • Soul Healing Protocol Level One links to the 3-day journal master and the DAS (Discover Authentic Self) Document
  • Soul Healing Protocol Level Two links to a blank Scales Chart
  • Soul Healing Protocol Level Three links to a blank Self Mastery Homework Document
  • Healing Guided Meditation audio link including GOCP, BETR, and, Journeying

Divine Assignment Homework

Soul Healing Journey

This master document will be required in all of the levels of working through this protocol. You may have already printed it off from your very first experience with the Divine Assignment. If not, here it is again…

Master Soul Healing Journey PDF

Divine Assignment Pieces

This is the homework you were asked to do after your Soul Reveal Reading with Traci. If you have not completed it, here is a *new* document for easy access…

Divine Assignment PDF

FEAR Stories

This is the homework you were asked to do after your Soul Reveal Reading with Traci. If you have not completed it, here is a *new* document for easy access…

FEAR stories PDF

Soul Healing Protocol Level One

3-day Journal Master

You can save this on your own drive, print it off and/or find it here any time you need. It is an optional guide for processing through the 3-day cycle…

Journal PDF

Discover Authentic Self Master

It is very likely that the document we sent to you from your session was messy. It is real – Traci’s hand writing can get messy and she spells “Canadian”. So here is a clean document should you chose to clean yours up a bit.

DAS Master PDF

Soul Healing Protocol Level Two
Scales of Awareness

Scales of Awareness Chart

This is THE map of your Spirit Energy Journey. This is exactly what you came to a human being to learn. In the Human being user manual this completed document represents your very own unique chapter. This is your WORK!

Scales of Awareness Master PDF

Soul Healing Protocol Level Three
Self Mastery

Self Mastery Homework

This master document is used in each of the 12 areas of life that have Cosmic influence over who we are and how we show up as powerful, empowered, and beneficial human beings. You can save it to your own drive, print it of and copy it and/or find it here. This document represents the processing required to finalize your human being blueprint.

SMP Homework PDF

Healing Guided Meditations


Use this guided healing energy medicine as an EVERYDAY tool to be grounded, open, and connected. This Energy Medicine is available in 28-minute, 8-minute, and 90-second versions. It is highly recommended that you create this process for yourself in some form that you do at least once per day. Traci does this every single morning and every single night for herself. She also opens every single 1-on-1 session and group class to each of you.

GOCP Meditation 28 minutes (Listen Here)

GOCP Meditation 8 minutes (Listen Here)


Bioenergetic Emotional Trauma Release is a proprietary healing modality and energy medicine technique designed by Traci that releases blocked non-beneficial energy that is controlling and compelling your unconsciousness to align only with your TRIGGER energy. It realigns you to YOUR natural polarity – to your B4 (trigger) and your B5 (power). It is perfect to use if you feel frustrated, overwhelmed, or stuck.



This is a relaxing guided healing meditation that is designed to provide answers to very specific questions. It invokes your Counsel of 12, the assigned Guides and Guardians from the 5th Dimension, and connects you to your 7th Dimension Protectors. Use this with intention and to find answer to WHAT DO I NEED TO KNOW RIGHT NOW? Please DO NOT ever ask WHY? Always WHAT?

Guided Journey Meditation – LISTEN HERE