WATCH the free mini-series explaining the 12 Lessons of Earth School

The 12 Lessons of Earth School

This complimentary mini-series is the introduction to Earth School.  It is my experience and the teachings of most mystical schools that we chose the Human experience on a mission to raise the frequency and vibration of this timeline.  This earthly plane is a school of sorts… the place where Spirit Energy comes to learn how to be a physical, material based individual being with thoughts and feelings.  


On this timeline there are 12 very specific lessons that we are here to master.  One hundred percent of mini-series is a dive into what you chose to come here to learn and it is the preface of enrolling into EARTH SCHOOL that launches December 4, 2023.  Enjoy!


Peace Profound ~ Traci

Self Mastery

NOTE: this is an edited version of my live Radio Show on iHeart Radio and Inspiring Choices Network.