Access via Zoom…

Meet us LIVE on Zoom…

The first Monday of every Month we are live on Zoom.  The doors will open at 5:55pm EST where you are greeted with the powerful sound vibration therapy of the song called “I release control” that we will play for 7 minutes while participants enter the energetic space of Zoom in the form of HSZSN (a Reiki healing sanctum of no space and no time).  

At 6:03pm the door will lock and Soul Healing circle (unrecorded) will begin with volunteers sharing their experiences from the previous month. With a hard stop at 7pm, Traci will begin to record the 90 minute lesson based in that months area of life.  

The lesson will wrap up with a brief biology break where we recommend that you get into your sound cancelling headphones, a comfortable position with you spine strait and your ankles/knees unbound. 

The healing portion of the event will begin with listening to that months sound bath followed by a guided healing meditation that will include GOCP and an attunement for that area of life and to your Precept.

See you on the 1st Monday night each month!