MEMBERS ONLY ACCESS: Introduction & Pre-class lessons

A Message from Traci…

I am so grateful to have this Membership Level Two platform called EARTH SCHOOL and even more grateful that you have decided to trust in me as your Teacher & Spiritual Guide. I look forward to being together in Soul recognition, alignment with our Earth Lessons and in unity with the Natural Laws. I meet you with the Sanskrit statement NAMASTE.  The translation and intention being this… ‘The Light within me; recognizes the Light within you”.

It is because of YOU that I live fully in my balance, passion and purposefulness ~both personally and professionally.  I cannot express in words exactly how much this group means to and for me.

While this introduction video is delivered in the form of a meditation please think of it as an attunement to Cosmic Intelligence and the lessons of Earth School.  You can attune to this higher vibration as often as you wish.  In this session I use the word God – please allow that to mean a divine source of cosmic intelligence and not in any form of religious context.


I am honoured to be your Spiritual Xenagogue – the tour guide of the human experience and the translator of the 12 Earth Lessons that we are about to embark on.  While this journey is a life long commitment to walking your true path this membership is a year long process to work the 12 Earthly Lessons.

I am excited to have you join me live on the 1st Monday of each month from 7pm to 9pm EST – EXCEPT the 1st Monday in December when we create our Vision for the Future (we will meet 6pm to 9pmEST).  Each month we will meet here…


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In preparation for joining this membership community, I provide for you some basic concepts that will allow you to easily embrace Self Mastery, the Cosmic calendar and your own Cosmic Cycles.  In total you will need approximately 2 hours. These classes have been offered online since 2020, and I have gone way back in these archives to make sure they are the most basic in delivery and awareness.  Enjoy! 

What is Self Mastery

Foundations of Self Mastery

The Cosmic Calendar

Your Cosmic Cycles