Doing Your Work Honestly

Daily Consistent Practice

It is not enough to simply learn something you must be prepared to integrate the information for your own Self.u00a0 This process, on the human timeline, takes both time and effort.u00a0 In order to support all learning styles, I have created both a workbook and journal prompts.u00a0 If you are masculine energy you are going to take action and do, you will move quickly but consciously. If you are feminine energy, you are going to take your time, be present in the moment and allow what you need to come to you.

These are guidelines to get you started. No one else can do your work for you and now your Soul knows that you know that the innate biofield is your operating system and that there is a human being user manual in your cellular memory.u00a0 Do this work honestly – remember who you are and how incredibly powerful that your are!u00a0 You are a Spirit Energy having a Human experience… own that with your sovereign free will and autonomy… take your POWER back!

A.R.C Workbook

A.R.C stands for a 3-part process proven to create and maintain conscious self awareness without judgement that includes assessing, reflecting and clearing. This short video will explain how to use the workbook and the nuggets of wisdom enclosed within it to dive deeper into an intimate connection with your innate biofield.

Biofield Activation Journal Prompts

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What's Next...

My purpose on this planet is as a Spiritual Xenagogue – the tour guide of the Human experience and the translator of the Human Being User Manual.u00a0 My platform is the Self Awareness Academy where I teach and treat Spiritual Seekers ready to take their power back and to create Self Mastery and experience Self Love.u00a0 These are the ways that I can support you:

Let me share the Self Awareness Academy with you…u00a0