MEMBERS ONLY ACCESS: Our collective Purpose, Commitment & Practice

Our Purpose

The real reason that Membership Level Two was created is that ‘the work” of being human never ends.  Not for you as students and not for me as the Teacher or the Student of the Universe.  

Each of us as individuals, as well as the Collective, are constantly leveling up – and I want a platform where we can do that together.  A safe, educational-based, system of support where I get to live my purpose as a teacher and you are able to continue to learn, heal, share and grow.  This membership is both a community and a protocol. Membership Level Two is just as much for me as it is for you.  It is an investment in humanity. It is a declaration to the Universe that we know who we want to be and are willing to do our work honestly.

My personal mission statement is a spoken intention that I put out into the Universe every morning before rising and every night before retiring.  It was in part inspired by Sarah Powers of Insight Yoga and gifted to me by my friend and yoga teacher, Dianne Harris and is as follows:

May I, wholeheartedly,  give my virtuous qualities to this Life, to this day and to each breath. Without hindrance, just by my conscious existence, I am of enormous benefit to all Beings. May peace reign on this Earthly plane and within all Beings.

Why is my personal mission statement relevant?  Well, because in Membership we will be working in a collective energy field – both on our own and as a group – whose purpose is for Soul recognition, to align to our ‘I AM energy and to be in unity with the Natural Laws so that we are constantly and consistently raising both the collective and our own individual harmonic state to be in service to the whole of humanity.

How are we going to make this happen – through PURPOSE, COMMITMENT & PRACTICE!

Simply put, our purpose in this membership is to learn, practice and share the ways in which we consciously KNOW THYSELF.  We are here to create infinite potential through the consistent daily activity of Self Mastery and in unity with the Natural Laws.

As your Teacher and Spiritual Guide I will offer lessons of personal and spiritual development, energy medicine for your journey as well as provide a format for accountability and a community to gather within and grow. I promise to stay at least one step ahead of you so that you are always learning.  I ask that you promise me that you will use the tools and processes I offer – even if that means that you reformat them to work in ways for you that I had not even thought of. I am asking you to show up for your own Self. 

In order for harmony to be created and maintained with all of the moving parts, the micro and the macro, of billions of humans creating their own reality and the collective consciousness that ties us all together it stands to reason that there must be rules, best know as laws or principals.  Much like the laws of man, the natural laws do not require you to understand them or even know them for them to be in effect and are enforced at all times.  While there are over 100 laws and or principal there are 7 main Laws of the Universe.  

The 7 main Natural Laws include and are in this order – The Law of Oneness or Mentality (crown), The Law of Correspondence* (3rd Eye), The Law of Vibration* (throat), The Law of Rhythm* (heart), Law of Cause and Effect (solar), The Law of Polarity* (sacral) and the Law of Generation or Gender (root).

In our work we are going to focus mainly, not exclusively, but mainly include the following:

The Law of Correspondence that is always at work creating the dynamic of ‘as above so as below.  This is important for us in our studies in the perspective of Spiritual – trusting the messages from our intuition, creating divine love and knowing our true Self and Physical – trusting the messages from our body, creating Self love and knowing our Fate.

The Law of Polarity that is always working to draw to us lessons designed to keep us in alignment to our Fate.  That everything has both positive and negative polarity.  Under the auspices that we also have free-will, this is all about choosing to recognize the chaos that we are creating in our own lack of awareness and to become the harmony that is our destiny

The Law of Rhythm is important to us in this membership as we are following the primordial cycle that dictates that Heaven and Earth conspire to cleanse and purify each of the areas of life that we are here to learn about by following a calendar. We will follow that said energetic flow through each of our lessons as follows – January/Physical, February/Emotional, March/Mental. April/Spiritual, May/Character, June/Intimate Love Relationship, July/Parent & Child, August/Social, September/Career, October/Quality of Life November/Finances and December/Vision for the Future.

Our Commitment

Commitment within the parametres of this group is rather simple.  We are committing to doing our spiritual work honestly by constantly and consistently raising our harmonic state in order to be of enormous benefit to the whole of humanity.  This is going to look and feel different to each of us.  So all I am asking is that you show up.  Show up in your daily practice, show up in doing your homework and show up in participating in the Soul Healing Protocol membership community.

I share with you my personal mantra that I use to remember to show up…

I now give my virtuous qualities, wholeheartedly, to this life, this day and this moment. Without hindrance, may I be of enormous benefit to all Beings.

Sarah Powers, Insight Yoga

Our Practice

Spiritual Shower 

If you do not already have a daily devotional routine that connects you, through Soul (thoughts/feelings) directly to Source then you are not ever going to be fully in alignment.  As above; so below.  Evidence of this Spiritual Disconnection will come in the form of Uninspired, Self Sabotage and Anxiety/Depression.  Without this ritualistic practice, you are susceptible to entities, attachments and non-beneficial energies.  Your physical body will hold a plethora of messages that will be annoyance, pain, dysfunction and eventually disease.

Your Spiritual Shower need not be dramatic or overly time-consuming.  In as little as 90 seconds a Spiritual Shower can and will cleanse and purify your daily path.  If you have the time – or better yet create a life in which this is a priority for you it can be as long as you would like.  I have had the luxury since 2015 to have quite an extensive daily Spiritual Shower routine that takes about an hour each morning and 20 minutes at the end of each day.  While the activities change as I grow and develop, the foundational components have never changed.  I will not prescribe what you should or should not be or do I will, however, share with you what I do and why I do it…

  • CLEANSE & PURIFY – before ANYTHING else, I take a drink of room temperature water; this is both physical and spiritual in nature and is an amazing start to each day
  • GOCP – without getting out of bed I ground ~ open ~ connect ~protect using the process I teach you in Soul Healing Protocol
  • INTENTIONAL STATEMENT – I have a very empowering intentional statement for who I want to show up as and I state to the Universe
  • ADVANCED CONSCIOUSNESS – this can also be called meditation, while I do some advanced techniques it is essentially meditation; my intent here is to be in this experience in the morning for at least 30 minutes and for 10 minutes at night; I do not set a timer as I intend to be there as long as is needed
  • GRATITUDE – I inventory all that I will create, I am gateful for that and then also give thanks for all that has been created

Here in your Membership portal will be a well designed process for you to follow along with each week. In addition to Spiritually Showering every single day, no exceptions, I highly recommend that you set aside 30 minutes each week for your homework. 

Week 1 – JOIN THE LIVE LESSON:  live on Zoom as a metaphysical lesson on that month’s area of life from the perspective of Soul’s recognition, alignment with I AM energy and unity with the Natural Laws; followed by a 4 to 11 minute vibration enhancing sound healing to support your precept as your guide for the month; wrapping up with guided healing energy medicine attunement session.

Week 2 – PRACTICE: following the outlined lesson, meditation & homework to create ways to consciously be with your precept for the purpose of Soul recognition, alignment to I AM energy and in unity with Natural Laws as well as creating some sort of awareness practice – I recommend journaling as it brings into your conscious competence the work, in that area of life, that must be completed in order for you to learn the lesson.

Week 3 – MASTERING CONTEMPLATION: to engage in deep contemplation using sound healing to reprogram your cells to allow the conspiring energies of Heaven & Earth to guide you through cleansing and purifying that area of life. 

Week 4/5 – REFLECTION: to reflect on all that you have learned about yourself, the world around you and the Universe as a whole. In addition, you will be encouraged to recognize the ways that you have been of benefit to humanity just by living in your truth! 

You are Guided, Healed & Supported here…

Here in the Self Awareness Academy, we’ve got you!

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