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DEEP DIVE into the 3 Master Organs – Pineal, Heart & Biome

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8-part Unedited CHAKRA BASICS with Traci Trimble, PhD

There is nothing more powerful or empowering for the Human experience then to “know thyself”… specifically to be able to listen to the messages from your body – nothing! We have been mislead in Chakra teachings. The chakras are not a what, but rather a who. We chose these sacred guides to come with us from the 1st dimension to the 3rd to translate our first language of Energy through the Body. Our bodies and our individual experiences are what makes being human unique.This very basic 8-part Chakra series is just as perfect a starting point for the elementary-level spiritual seeker as it is a refresher for the spiritually savvy. Enjoy!

Pt1. Introduction
Pt5. Heart Chakra
Pt2. Root Chakra
Pt6. Throat Chakra
Pt3. Sacral Chakra
Pt7. Third Eye Chakra
Pt4. Solar Chakra
Pt8. Crown Chakra


Sound Therapy on Youtube

Once you are able to activate your innate biofield on your own I highly recommend searching YouTube for sound therapy that holds space for you and supports you in raising your frequency and vibration.  I, personally and professionally, have high-frequency music playing in my home and office 24 hours a day/7 days a week.  Please find a shared playlist of my top 3 favourite sound therapy that I use to activate my innate biofield – these range from 2 minutes to 15 minutes.

1. Inner Peace                                     2:18
2. Soulmerge                                       9:37
3. Violet Multidimensional Cleanser    15:01

YouTube Playlist


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By joining this movement, you become part of a living network that breathes life into the ideals of unity, integrity, and empowerment. You’ll find a sanctuary that fosters healing not just for the individual but for the collective Soul, and where every interaction is a step toward a more awakened and harmonious world.

You can find my offerings in both the free and paid membership by simply searching for Traci Trimble, Metaphysician.

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Traci’s Radio Show

In 2018, I hosted a weekly radio show on Inspired Choices Network that is still running to this day.  In September of 2023, I decided to start a YouTube channel and have put all of the radio show episode there.  These metaphysical lessons are designed to create Self Awareness without Judgment and are great tools for Self Mastery and Spiritual growth.

My most favourite of all of them is not a lesson from me rather it is of me reading the children’s parable by Neal Donald Walsh called ‘The Little Soul & the Sun’ – it is THE most perfect explanation of why and how we chose our POWER and Trigger energies before we come to our timeline.

YouTube Channel