Doing Your Work Honestly

Creating a Daily Consistent Practice

‘Take Your Power Back’ Workbook & Journal Prompts

It is not enough to simply learn something you must be prepared to integrate the information for your own Self.  This process, on the human timeline, takes both time and effort.  In order to support all learning styles, I have created a workbook complete with journal prompts.

These are guidelines to get you started. No one else can do your work for you. Now your Soul knows that you know that the innate biofield is your operating system and that there is a human being user manual in your cellular memory.  

Do this work honestly. I have provided everything you need to create a powerful and empowering daily consistent action that guarantees that you own your POWER as free sovereign being.

 Remember who you are and how incredibly powerful that you are!  You are a Spirit Energy having a Human experience… own that with your sovereign free will and autonomy… take your POWER back!

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What’s Next…

My purpose on this planet is as a Spiritual Xenagogue – the tour guide of the Human experience and the translator of the Human Being User Manual.  My platform is the Self Awareness Academy where I teach and treat Spiritual Seekers ready to take their power back and to create Self Mastery and experience Self Love.  These are the ways that I can support you:

  • PODCASTS: free edits of Traci’s Radio Show on Inspired Choices network that airs on over 150 podcast channels including iHeart Radio and Spotify
  • YOUTUBE Channel: Traci Trimble, Metaphysician
  • DIVN8 Online Community: included a monthly paid membership ($18 USD a month) and a free component where Traci teaches a metaphysical lesson on the 2nd & 4th Monday at 6pm EST
  • Self Awareness Academy: Online Spiritual School that includes both free and paid for courses and membership communities; established in 2020
  • 1:1 50-minute Spiritual Guidance Session with Traci Trimble, PhD, D.MPsych, PaT; both live on Zoom and in-person in Port Perry Ontario, Canada
  • The SOUL REVEAL READING – a 50-minute 1:1 channeling session with online container that offers 2 parts of your 5 part Human Being User Manual for just $179
  • The HUMAN BEING USER MANUAL – a 2 part course that provides your entire human being user manual and reprograms your power energy to all 12 Earth Lessons
  • The SOUL HEALING PROTOCOL – a 3 part course that includes everything in the human being user manula PLUS 6 1:1 psychic surgery sessions that deprogram 5 generations of trauma from your cellular memory

Let me share the Self Awareness Academy with you… 

My FREE Gift to the world…

In the Self Awareness Academy I offer a FREE lifetime access container called the Divine Assignment Blueprint.  It includes a 90-minute masterclass on channeling the Divine Blueprint within each of us and offers a bonus video called the Divine Assignment – a 38 minute explanation on why we all came here to this timeline and to planet Earth – it even shares why we chose our parents. The container offers access to my ebook/audio called “The Complete Divine Blueprint Guidebook”. While you would need to register for the course there is no additional cost to you.  Enjoy!


If you think that you are ready now to level up your Spiritual Awareness and you want your ‘unique to you’ human being user manual I would be honoured to channel that for you.  There are two ways to do that:

A 50-minute 1:1 live on Zoom channeling session with Traci that reveals 2 of the 4 parts of your Human Being User Manual called THE SOUL REVEAL READING including your Divine Assignment and the exact name of your layers of generational trauma – that which Yung calls your Shadow work.

$179 Soul Reveal Reading

An 18 week spiritual journey that begins with a channel session reveal your entire human being user manual, a lesson on building your ‘unique to you’ map and 14 lessons with attunements to reprogram all 12 areas of life, complete with a weekly coaching call with Traci and a divine blueprint used to co-create your most awesome life.

$1000 off Human Being User Manual

My Team at True Path Consulting (pictured above from left to right, Trinity, Freya and Angus) and myself thank you for trusting us to guide and to teach you. We hope that you enjoyed this sample of THE SELF AWARENESS ACADEMY.

~ Traci

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