What to Expect

What is Level One
Soul Healing Protocol?

Soul Healing Protocol is a 26-week self-paced online Spiritual Healing Journey created by Metaphysician Traci Trimble and strategically broken down into 3 Levels.  Not only is this a healing journey but also one of remembering.  In essence, what we are doing over these 26 weeks is building a customized to you Human being user manual complete with your very own personalized chapter to guide, teach and heal you as you design the rest of your life.

The first nine weeks of the Protocol are all about transmuting or shifting the generational trauma programmed into your cellular memory. As you have already begun to experience, the first several weeks are based on preparation and education – preparing you for the healing treatment protocol through education. In a week or so, we should be beginning our six (6) 1-on-1 sessions where together we will be using a proprietary energy medicine technique created through 2013 – 2015 and tested on over 100 people from 2015 – 2017 as an integral part of my first doctorate degree in Metaphysical Sciences proving that Energy Medicine can successfully be utilized to transmute Generational Trauma that causes Spiritual Disconnection.

In the first two live, 1-on-1 sessions we will be deprogramming the generational trauma (surface and root) from your bioenergetic field.  Think of it as pulling the plug and then rewiring where the information is coming from.  We are doing this for your timeline but also for your biological parents, your children, and grandchildren (born or unborn) even if they are no longer on this 3rd-dimensional plane with us.  We are literally deprogramming the Akashic records!

Next, we will bring your cellular energy back into alignment with your Divine Assignment, specifically to the polarity or the whole story that you came to the Earthy plane with as a Spirit Energy choosing a human experience.  In two more sessions, we will first deprogram your learned habits and beliefs (surface and root) and then reformat them as the most important components of Self Awareness that you will ever know.  First, to your TRIGGER – the cause of all negative experiences/lessons and second, to your POWER – the cause of all positive experience/truth. Finally, in the fifth session, we will channel the “name” or the true frequency and vibration of your LOVE stories – the name of your overall purpose, of how you navigate the outside world and how you nurture your Soul. 

At the end of these five sessions, we will have successfully deprogrammed your cellular memory and created your personalized map for being human.  We will move to Level Two – Scale of Awareness and then to the reprogramming of Level Three – Self Mastery!


All About BETR

This 12-minute video will give you the basics of what Bioenergetic Emotional Trauma Release is and what you can expect on your level one healing journey.

Healing Original Trauma

This 8-minute video will help you to understand what your Generational Trauma is all about and how it effects and influences you. Your first two sessions will be focused on the Original Trauma…


What to Expect

BETR – bioenergetic emotional trauma release is a powerful energetic healing process that you have agreed to embark on as level one of Soul Healing Protocol. Using the powerful tools of Energy Medicine, we will be pulling up and eliminating non-beneficial energies, emotional triggers and subconscious/unconscious traumas that you may or may not be aware of. Please know and trust that I am here to support, guide, and teach you – as are the any of coaches in Soul Healing Protocol Program that you may be introduced to.

Please join us in the live coaching calls should you need community, support or have questions. This is a great place to learn, share, heal, and grow. Imagine that you (specifically your protective Ego energy) is a hoarder and that this physical
body that you live in is your Home – over the years that you have lived here you have never cleaned that house of non-beneficial energy, and you have hoarded every emotional trauma that has ever entered your personal space… that is how Emotional Trauma has the power to affect us as it manifests as depression, anxiety, acute stress, chronic pain, anger, grief, and

We are about to do some “big” house cleaning. BETR (Bioenergetic Emotional Trauma Release) eliminates emotional trauma from your cellular memory, that in the past, has magnetized to you (often without your awareness) as non-beneficial energy that has blocked you from your highest good —in the form of thoughts, words, actions, and in-actions that control and compel
you into your fear stories. This trauma affects how you perceive your reality – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. In the past, you have mistaken this energy as your guide and you have built your belief system, habits, and faith around it.

Everyone will experience BETR differently depending on the depth of suffering that your personal emotional trauma has created over the years. You may feel tired – that is perfectly normal. This happens because we have removed unprocessed emotions attached to memories that have been jammed up for years. The body, the mind, and the heart centre are re-patterning and regrouping in a healthier way.

YOU NEED REST while this is happening. In the first 24-hour period you will be processing physically. You MAY feel this in the body. Please allow yourself to physically eliminate this “crap” that is no longer yours. The “EASY” way is to cry, pee, poop – do not be surprised if you belch, fart, yawn, or sneeze more often than normal. If you are resistant, you may experience nausea, vomit and/or diarrhea. YOU ARE NOT GETTING SICK – you are healing at the deepest cellular level – give yourself permission to release it and get it out of you. Say thank you and it will ease off. NOTE: The healing has already happened you do not need evidence of the healing, so please…say “NO, THANK YOU!”

The next 24 hours, you are processing emotionally and mentally. Your thoughts (Ego’s mental capacity) and feelings (Soul’s emotional truth) are disentangling, they are becoming unique systems of communication and awareness. Your
thoughts are becoming clear as your vibration rises and your emotions are becoming calm and more Self Aware as your frequency increases.

In the final 24 hours, the neuropathways of the brain have reformatted. Your connection to Source becomes direct. You are moving up to a new level of awareness. You are able to perceive the world around you and your own truth with greater Self Awareness. After experiencing your first session it is valuable to know that sometimes BAD is good and WORSE is better. Often bad memories or dysfunctional methods of coping may emerge between visits; especially just before the next visit. BE SELF AWARE – just pay attention to what you are thinking and feeling and how that may be different from before treatment. Allow
yourself to reframe the experience… the key = be Self Aware without Judgement!

**IMPORTANT** From this point forward it is now up to you to continue your own personal work. PLEASE find ways to clear non-beneficial energy from your life… 

A routine that gives you that much needed daily spiritual shower is essential – especially as you become more and more aware of the subtle psychic energies at play around you. For me that routine is Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Meditation and Yoga. You need to discover what your tools are — journal before bed or when you wake up, get out into nature, perhaps meditation is for you.

Here are some suggestions to ease you into this process:

1) BE CONSCIOUSLY AWARE of what is often described as NEXT LAYER SYNDROME – what you need to release may or may not manifest in the real context of your everyday life. Be aware of scenes, situations and scenarios or people, places and things that seem to trigger you. Or even better, just don’t seem to trigger you anymore; KNOW in that moment that you are healing; release your attachment to the present situation and walk away without holding onto it.

2) JOURNAL YOUR EXPERIENCES; this shows you where and when you are shifting, transforming and recovering. Look back at each day to see where in your experience you felt, believed, perceived, and/or reacted differently than you would have before. This really helps to focus on “Who you want to be”

3) DRINK LOTS OF WATER – drink half of your body weight in pounds as ounces of water each day – If you weigh 150ils you need 85oz of water per day just to stay hydrated – even more if you are dehydrated!; Even more if you are drinking caffeine and/or alcohol. Your body is shifting at the cellular level and your neuropathways are reformatting; life force energy is healing you from the inside out. It needs your support to do this. Water is the support needed.

4) JOIN US IN THE LIVE COACHING SESSIONS at 9pm EST on Thursday evenings and/or ask your questions on the Facebook Support Group called Soul Healing Protocol with Traci Trimble, PhD on Facebook.

~ Traci

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