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Welcome to Earth School, where the cosmic and earthly cycles align to guide us on our journey of self-discovery and mastery. Welcome to December, the beginning of a new school year!!!

As we gather in this sacred collective space, we find ourselves in the profound month of December, a time when the astrological calendar and cosmic cycle converge to usher in the Energy of Vision…guided by the Natural Law of Polarity and expressed through the Divine Assignment 3 – Navigation Types.

In this month, we stand at the threshold of a unique transition, marking the culmination of a cycle of 11 profound lessons, each representing an Earth School lesson that we, as Spirit Energy having a Human experience, have come to learn and graduate through. 

Together, as a mastermind collective, we are not only creating our reality with intention but also infusing our creations with boundless Self Love as active participants in the solution-seeking journey of humanity itself.

You might wonder, “How are we contributing to this grand tapestry of existence?” The answer lies in our shared vision for the future. Each of us, with our individual visions, becomes a deliberate creator of the reality we inhabit. Moreover, by simply existing and embracing our true selves, we radiate an energy that serves as an enormous benefit to all of humanity. Our visions act as beacons of light, illuminating the path forward for all.

In this transformative membership, and in life in general, your vision is a sacred pact between you and Cosmic Intelligence. It is not a secret but a unique expression of your energy. What others think, feel, or how they interpret your vision is ‘none of your business’.

You need not explain or justify your vision to anyone; it is yours to nurture and manifest from the in alignment energy of your ‘unique to you’ navigation type.

As we delve into this month’s live session, we will explore the beautiful dance of dualities associated with manifesting your future consciously. We will dive deep into the realm of Divine Assignment 3 – the Navigation Types, and discover how they interact with the Law of Polarity. Together, we will unravel the intricate tapestry of hope and fear, possibilities and limitations, harmony and chaos, and the ebb and flow of being in alignment with your true self.

Our objective is clear: to grasp the Law of Polarity as a universal principle and uncover its profound influence on the process of envisioning and manifesting a future that aligns seamlessly with your unique Navigation Type. We will learn how to harmonize the innate traits of your Navigation Type with the ever-present polarities that shape our reality.

And now, a special event awaits us. In the spirit of December’s transformative energy, we will cast a spell with a single word—a word that will become the cornerstone of our Self Mastery journey for the upcoming 12 months. Unlike a mere precept, this word will serve as the foundation of your evolution, guiding you to become the person you are meant to be. It will provide you with tangible evidence of your growth, healing, and the fulfillment of your Soul’s intention in this earthly existence.

Again, welcome to Earth School, where the cycles of the cosmos and the wisdom of your soul converge to empower you on this remarkable journey of self-realization and conscious creation.

Lesson, Meditation & Sound Therapy

The most recent unedited version of the class recording is available by 4pm the afternoon after the live lesson of the month and is available for 1 year until it is archived…

Vision for the Future expressed as the Law of Polarity in alignment with Divine Assignment 3 – Navigation Type

In this months live session, we will be exploring the dualities associated with manifesting your future with conscious awareness from the perspective of Divine Assignment 3 – the Navigation Types, such as hope and fear, possibilities and limitations, harmony and chaos, in and out of alignment.

Objective: To understand the Law of Polarity as a universal principle and explore how it influences the process of both envisioning and then manifesting your future when you are aligned with your Navigation Type.

By understanding how to connect the in alignment traits of your Navigation Type with how the Law of Polarity influences the process of creating and manifesting an empowering vision for the future.


Each December, we will embody a vision for the coming year by casting a spell with one single word.  Unlike a precept that influences one Earth lesson, our vision ‘word’ becomes the foundation of our Self Mastery evolution for the following 12 months. Your word for the year allows you to become ‘who you are meant to be’ and gives you the evidence that you have, with awareness, actually learned, shared, healed and are growing into the Human you intended to be when you decided to come here!

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Guided Meditation

This JOURNEY cleanses, heals and seals your bioenergetic field to support your Vision for the Future

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Sound Therapy

This SACRED MUSIC attunes you to your vision precept and has been programmed with energy medicine.