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If you have decided that Divine Assignment is not for you and you do not want a Soul Reveal reading then our journey together has come to an end – I want to thank you for joining me this far. I wish you much love and light in your future endeavours. PEACE PROFOUND.

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About the Soul Reading

In this 55-min “live, online session with Traci”, you will be asked not to introduce yourself.  I want to know as little about you as possible before the reading – but do not be concerned as you will have time to ask questions or share personal information. Even better, with your permission, the season can be recorded so that you have time to process all of the information! I will ask if you have questions about the Divine Assignment video and I will walk you step by step through the channeling process so that you know exactly what will happen before it does.  In this session, I will be asking for your permission to move into the layers of your bioenergetic field to retrieve stored information from your Akashic records that are within your cellular memory.  Specifically, I want to know WHY you chose this timeline and human being; I want to know what your “True Path” is and I want to know HOW you chose to navigate the outside world.  I call these your Divine Assignment pieces.  They will remind you of WHY you are here AND they will explain the pain and suffering that you have experienced up to this moment.  While I am in your physical bioenergetic field I will experience where in your physical body you are holding your own blocked trauma but also where you hold other people’s suffering. Then most importantly, I will move into where the metaphysical beacons of your LOVE stories are anchored in your spiritual bioenergetic field.  These are the positive polarity expression of your power energy that has been subdued by your generational trauma.  This is exactly where I will find your FEAR stories – the negative polarity expressions of your trigger energy that have been hijacked by generations of trauma. I will walk you through what each of these pieces means to and for you.  At the very end, we will spend 4 minutes discussing how I can support you on the Spiritual Journey of reconnection.

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What’s next…

If you are joining me in the Soul Reveal please go ahead and book your appointment. Please know there is likely a waiting list. Please be patient. Perhaps watch the Divine Assignment again and prepare some questions for me. Within 12 to 24 hours of the completion of your live, online Soul Reveal reading with Traci Trimble, PhD you will access the next lesson. It will link you to the following:

  • Your private, personal and confidential Zoom recording video link (we delete this video and so does Zoom within 7 days so please be sure to save the link for your own records); note: you will have had to have given permission to record at the time of the session
  • A pdf document outlining all of the elements discovered in your reading including your psychic energy analysis, the 3 pieces of your Divine Assignment and your three FEAR stories – the true frequency and vibration of the generational trauma passed on by your biological mother, biological father and the 5 generations of influential others
  • The metaphysical psychological definitions of (a) your Divine Assignment pieces and (b) your FEAR story names
  • Your homework. There is no obligation to me to do this work; however, your Soul now knows exactly what is causing your Spiritual Disconnection!
  • A link to join my complimentary educational platform that gives you full access to me without any obligation on your behalf – except being a member of this FREE group.