Weekly Coaching calls are live and take place in a private Zoom meeting room. Although these calls are optional they are highly recommended. They are a safe place for you to connect directly with Traci on a regular basis. You are not required to participate, just being in attendance it is likely that you will learn, heal and grow in ways you were not expecting. Each session is 55 minutes in duration. These coaching calls run each week except for the month of August and the last two weeks of December while the team at True Path Consulting takes a Spiritual break…


This call is focused entirely on those of you in LEVEL 1 & 2 the deprograming stage, where we will talk about anything and everything FEAR stories, Triggers, Power Energy and LOVE stories. All members welcome, including graduates. Use the link below for access:

Soul Healing Level 1 & 2: Thursday 9pm EST


The second call is for all things LEVEL 3 – Self Mastery & Alumni. It is a weekly check in for current students moving through the 12 areas of life, working on their blueprint and a monthly check in for Alumni members. This call is available to you with *lifetime access. use the link below to access:

Self Mastery Level 3: Tuesday 6pm EST

Medical Disclaimer

The intent of any information provided by True Path Consulting, Self Awareness Academy and/or Traci Trimble, PhD is NOT to be confused with medical advice. Traci, nor her team are medical physicians. Nothing written, spoken or implied is to be considered a diagnosis, nor is it a prescription. Traci is a Metaphysician, Reiki Master Teacher and Bio-energetic Therapist. She is registered with the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada. She is also an ordained Minister and is currently in good standing with the International Metaphysical Ministry.