A Self Treatment Process

Self Treatment Process

If you are frustrated or overwhelmed than you are stuck in a story.  THE STORY is always that your TRIGGER (B4) is affecting an area of LIFE because there is chaos in the power dynamic in INFLUENTIAL OTHERS, which is being caused by the disconnection with higher SELF.  This results in pain and suffering as the experience!  We call this unhappy.  The opposite of happy.  

What am I saying… well:


What we are working on is figuring out our deep root shadow stories. 

We do this by asking questions like – Where in my life is my B4 being triggered?; or as maintenance Is there anywhere in my life that B4 is lurking but has not been triggered in my awareness yet?  

LIFE is the ways in which we experience this 3rd dimension called Human Being; it is the external ways in which our life is being created, by…


These are affected by the power that we give to INFLUENTIAL OTHERS ie: their beliefs, opinions and ideas vs our highest good; if that power is out of alignment we do not feel MAMOTT…


The amount of power that we give to our INFLUENTIAL OTHERS can only be based on the power that we have given to ourselves through the elements of SELF…


Everything begins with SELF.  If your foundation of SELF is not powerful and empowered then you will unconsciously give your power to your INFLUENTIAL OTHERS.  If that power struggle exists then the way you experience LIFE will not be MAMOTT (mostly awesome, most of the time).

As I mentioned above. In order to figure out where you have been triggered look in LIFE, then to understand what the effect is look in INFLUENTIAL OTHER and finally you will find the root cause in SELF.  here is the formula to figure it all out and then do a Self Treatment…

As you step into the commitment of doing your own work honestly you will find that you have moments of feeling stuck, confused, overwhelmed or frustrated.  My best advice is to ALWAYS go back to your Scales of Awareness and ask your Self… “where am I at?”.  As you contemplate the answer and use your Scale to guide you take some time to meditate and then journal what you have learned about yourself and/or the scene, situation or scenario. 

This is an absolute prime example of both Self Awareness and doing your own work honestly.

This x minute video will guide you and the step-by-step pdf will support you.


Scale of Awareness

Your Scale of Awareness is not a static document – just like you it is always changing and requires your attention and time to update it.  This is an invaluable tool – at the forefront it is your personal and unique chapter in the ‘human being user manual’.  Invaluable!


Meditate & Journal

There is no greater resource to develop your conscious awareness than sitting in meditation (contemplation) and then journaling.  Especially if you allow an automatic writing process rather than trying to remember what happened in meditation.  Use your imagination and make things up!


Self Mastery Checklist

I created this simplistic treatment process from a question asked by Member and Bioenergetic Therapist Melissa Skitch in 2021 and the process was documented in a Membership Level One session in March of 2022. This Self Treatment gives you the ability to KNOW THYSELF at great depths!


The purpose of this treatment, or task, is to create a quick and simple process that supports you in maintaining a life experience in which you are truly happy.  This is our ‘life’ work. Either (a) just CHECK IN WEEKLY OR (b) use your Scale of Awareness to figure out the “bullshit story” and that it is being perpetuated by your TRIGGER (B4) as the CAUSE and/or FEAR stories (F1, F2, F3) as the EFFECT…


Step # 1. always start by doing a body scan to figure out exactly where you are at on your Scale of Awareness

Step # 2. take a few minutes to sit in meditation to figure out what it means that you are “there”.  Journal any sight or aha moments that arise

Step # 3. analyzing and evaluating the elements of Self Mastery to figure out what the story is that has triggered you…

(a) LIFE (Career, Finances, Quality of Life, Vision for the Future) for where the trigger is affecting you, with or without your awareness.  These are the material energies that create chaos in the human experience.  Choose ONE. 

(b) do the same in INFLUENTIAL OTHERS  to understand where the chaos within the out of alignment power dynamic is (Intimate Love Relationship, Parent, Child, Social)

(c) look in SELF to find the root cause of the disconnection; that which needs to be healed and come back into alignment (Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual, Character)

note: yes, you can go right to the root cause to know where you are out of alignment, however, Ego will not resist healing if it understands the co-relation to the trigger, the effect and cause of the potential trauma…

THE STORY is always that your TRIGGER (B4) is affecting an area of LIFE, there is chaos in the power dynamic in INFLUENTIAL OTHERS, which is being caused by the disconnection with higher SELF.  This results in pain and suffering as the experience!  We call this unhappy.  The opposite of happy.


let’s break it all down to best understand how powerful and life-altering this process can be…

Happiness is yours to create.  It is a state of awareness that is only experienced by making consistent conscious choices that are in YOUR highest good – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and in character… I call this state of awareness MAMOTT -.Mostly Awesome Most of the Time.  

Ideally, you are committed to performing this task a minimum of once a week, as a check-in with your elements of Self Mastery. As a check-in, it should take only a couple of minutes.  As a treatment, it can be a few more minutes up to a whole hour. This process can also be used at any point to deal with an issue that keeps showing up but does not seem to get resolved.

When we are experiencing challenges in our life we tend to want to deal with them situationally – by either blaming ourselves or others. Yet, we do not want to deal with the rooted cause of the problem.  A big realization is that we will never learn the lesson from a situation in which guilt and blame are the default.  It can only be learned through awareness of the trigger (your B4). 

It is actually very simple. Do not make it complicated. Here is the truth.  If you can trust this then your life will become increasingly more simplified:

           ***You will always and only be triggered by our B4 ENERGY. It is the first CAUSE of all of your experiences.  Period. Bolded and Underlined!***         

There is NO exception to this… EVER.  Let me say that again,  100% of the time your B4 energy is the exact answer to WHY is this happening right now.  Therefore, you have to know what your B4 is, how and where it is demanding your attention.  In the meantime, you can use your FEAR stories to get you as much information as possible.

No matter how many other places you look, who you try to blame, however, the situation plays out – it is your rooted habit and belief that will trigger your awareness that something is not right.  If you do not look at every situation from this filter you will not learn the lesson. 

Let’s walk through my treatment/check-in from from the video (above)


Step A. NAME THE ISSUE OR CIRCUMSTANCE OR ISSUE: (just checking in or name the current issue)

For example to just check-in:
is it true that I, Traci Lynn, am IN ALIGNMENT with my True Self in all areas Life, Influential Others and Self? (no)… IF you get a yes, there is no need to go further.  I cannot imagine getting a yes here

For example, if it is an issue:
just describe the story as you would explain it to someone else; keep it simple

Q1:  IS THIS TRUE (read above out loud, if not true; then ask next question; if it is true then the task is complete) if, NO then keep rewording the issue until you get it right.  It is more important to get to the truth than to do healing work on a distraction noodle.  When you get YES, then move to the next question…

Q2: WHAT IS THE TRIGGER: (always B4); however if you have not completed your Soul Healing Protocol and do not know your trigger then name each of your 3 FEAR stories to figure out which of them it is

Example: Am I, Traci Lynn, triggered by my trigger BETRAYAL? (yes)… is the effect my FEAR story Disillusionment (no), Vengeance (yes), Blame (yes)

Q3: WHICH AREA OF LIFE IS HOLDING ONTO THE NON BENEFICIAL ENERGY AND/OR ACTING OUT THE CHAOS? (career, finances, quality of life, vision of the future – pendulum or muscle test to get the answer; ask if it is true until you get ONE answer and a yes it is true)

Example: Am I, Traci Lynn, triggered by BETRAYAL that is creating vengeance and blame that  it is affecting Career (yes), Finances (no), QofL (no), Vision (no)

Q4: WHERE DOES THE POWER DYNAMIC NEED TO BE HEALED? (intimate love relationship, parent, child, social – pendulum or muscle test to get the answer; ask if it is true until you get ONE answer and a yes it is true)

Example: Am I, Traci Lynn, triggered by BETRAYAL that is affecting CAREER because of the chaos in ILR (yes), Parent (no), Child (no) Social (no)

Q5: WHAT IS THE ROOT CAUSE OF THE DISCONNECTION WITH HIGHER SELF (physical, emotional, mental, character – pendulum or muscle test to get the answer; ask if it is true until you get ONE answer and a yes it is true)

Example:  Am I, Traci Lynn, triggered by BETRAYAL that is affecting CAREER because of the chaos in ILR that has been caused by physical (no), emotional (yes), mental (no), spiritual (no), character (no)

Figure out what you have to do to heal that trigger, in that area of life, in that power dynamic to get right in that area of Self.  Replace my name and the bolded words to get yours…

Example: is my work, as Traci Lynn, to heal the BETRAYAL issue in my EMOTIONAL wellbeing that is creating chaos in my INTIMATE LOVE RELATIONSHIP that is affecting being in alignment with my CAREER (yes)

So now I know the truth and I can heal it.  I need to look for ways that I feel betrayed (real or not) in my love relationship that is rooted in my own emotional intelligence and then I have to recognize where I am stuck in my career and disentangle the two.  [note: SAWJ Membership class got to witness me on March 15, 2022 as I actually did this as a test on myself.  No, I did not recognize yet that I was getting stuck in my career (ie canceling classes because I was exhausted but did not realize why I was feeling so exhausted, but once I did this check-in I knew that it was true.  Yes, I have been having a power dynamic challenge in ILR and it all works out.  I actually feel a weight lifted off me that I was not aware that I had started to carry around.  Ewww!!  And YEAHHH!]

Options – now you know the “truth” of the real story that is actually causing the issue; so you can:

  1. Do a FCOA on the story as above ie place in a FCOA with that story for the purpose of Soul recognition…
  2. Do a BETR treatment on that story
  3. Sit in meditation asking for guidance on issue resolution
  4. Journal ways in which to get back into alignment with Self and then do that
  5. Book a 1 on 1 appointment with me to do talk therapy and energy medicine healing; make sure you book from the link in your HUB in order to get a discount