Activating the Innate Biofield

maintaining your super-highway to Self Love

Part Two: Mediation Practice

This simple process is a secret mystical practice that has been used for thousands of years to maintain sovereignty and to manifest timelines.  It takes 90-seconds to activate and is responsible for the alignment of your electromagnetic frequency (heart centre) connecting to your “God brain” (pineal) and to your “Body brain” (biome).

You can use this recording as a guide until you are able to navigate your internal infrastructure on your own.

90 seconds is all that is require, however, the longer you are in this process the more intimately you are connected to body, Soul, Ego and Spirit

Tips, Tricks & Life Hacks

Everyone is going to have their own personal preference for creating a daily routine.  This will take some time.  THE MOST IMPORTANT part of this practice is that there is daily consistency.  Remember this important life hack… “my head does not hit the pillow before I go to sleep without maintaining my innate biofield and my feet do not hit the ground in the morning without activating my innate biofield”.

Here are a few ways to make this practice even more powerful and empowering:

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