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Working the 12 Lessons of Self Mastery

Who you are and how you show up on this timeline matters. You are governed by what is well known in mystical circles as THE NATURAL LAWS.  Cosmic Intelligence works with Earth Energy to conspire to help you remember your truth but also to keep you in alignment with your mission called Human Being.  The purpose is simple – to support your wildest dreams.  The method is also simple – not so easy, but simple none the less – to learn the 12 Earth lessons and the cosmic cycles. 

In every single moment – with or without your awareness – YOU are moving closer to your divine destiny.  A tapestry of empowered existence, woven in the celestial loom of cosmic cycles and it is being brought into your awareness through the 12 Earth School Lessons Membership.  Source is asking you to KNOW THYSELF.

All mystery schools, religions of the past and present and well as Mother Earth herself follow these cycles – they are what govern the Natural Laws.  Knowing, understanding and working with them changes everything on this earthly plane.  This is why you chose human. 

I want to be very clear with you.  You have to do this work for your own self – no one, and I mean no one can do your work for you.  This work never ends – at least not while we are a physical body on this planet.  You will be required to regularly review and adjust your vision as you evolve in your journey.

This is what Earth School is all about – continually learning, healing, sharing, growing and prospering.  If you think of Earth as choosing Human being as a school and you can accept that Self Mastery is the curriculum then it stands to reason that this is what we are here to do.

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Embrace your truth as Spirit being having a human experience here to live a most fulfilling life!

what other spiritual seekers are saying

It may sound weird, but I felt a nudge from the universe that meeting you was in my highest good (I now understand it was the universe). It took just that one session for me to know this is where I wanted to be to learn more about myself, the Universe and energy medicine. My awareness of self and others has skyrocketed because of my Soul Healing Protocol. For once, I know my life path and who I want to be. Doing this work on me and for others feels great!
Donna K
I just wanted to take the time to tell you how REVOLUTIONARY the love/fear scale [human being user manual] you help us design in Soul Healing Protocol is. It has given me a working model to effectively pull myself out of a pattern I couldn't before. I can't thank you enough for sharing this tool, I will be forever grateful for this and all of the teachings you share. Thank goodness (and obviously!) I found you in this lifetime!
Kylie C
I have been working with Traci since 2017. Learning my Divine Assignment and FEAR stories was just the beginning for me. I love to learn and I wanted to know and love my True Self. This Spiritual path, it turns out, is exactly where I was meant to be. I am so grateful that I started my Soul Healing Protocol journey - Traci's teaching style, her commitment to her students and her own spiritual development has been exactly what I needed as I have grown to become "mostly awesome, most of the time".
Shirley G