Lifetime ACCESS to the Complete Divine Blueprint Guide – ebook & audio (purchase required)

Your Lifetime Resources Section

As a part of my sacred mission to raise the collective consciousness of the planet at this time I offer you the 70 page step-by-step ebook complete with an audio version and a comprehensive library of videos included in your $29 investment.  Enjoy!


The Divine Blueprint

a How to Guide for Creating Your ‘Unique to You’ Human Being User Manual

Bonus Material

In the Divine Blueprint Guide you are offered bonus video material to help process the information that I share.  Read the guide first and then embark on the video lessons… plus – check out my special GIFT – access to the FREE Earth School Masterclass container!


4 Levels of Awareness

In this 21 minute video, I explain the ways that we level up and how we know where we are at in our own unique learning cycle

Ways Source Communicates

In this 23 minute video, I explain the ways that Source communicates with us – spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically – and how this is effected by our levels of consciousness.

Earth School

Bonus: Self Mastery Podcast

NOTE: this is an edited version of my live Radio Show on iHeart Radio and Inspiring Choices Network.

These two videos are the BONUS material  that I mention to you in the Guidebook. However, there are MORE videos in the FREE Earth School Masterclass including the Collective Cosmic Cycles, Your Unique Cosmic Calendar and Doing Your Work Honestly

Bonus: 3 Most Important Lessons Podcast

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