Channeling the Divine Blueprint

Learning how to create your Human Being user Manual

In this jam-packed 90-minute masterclass with Metaphysician and Spiritual Xenagogue, Traci Trimble, you will witness a transformational path toward fulfilling your unique purpose on this Earthly plane. She shares her passion and wisdom to shift your conscious self awareness to a higher frequency and vibration, creating space to remember your WHY you are here on planet Earth, WHO you truly are and HOW to navigate this matrix called Human Being from a perspective of Self Mastery.

Let me ask you this...

If you were going on a great adventure wouldn’t a MAP be essential?

What if you were building something incredible – wouldn’t you require a BLUEPRINT?

Isn't being Human a great adventure and isn't Life something incredible
that we are designing in every moment?

Join me, Traci Trimble, in this complimentary 90 minute Soul Healing Circle, as we gather together in community, I will show you exactly what the Human Being User Manual looks like and prove to you that your very own “unique to you” Divine Blueprint not only exists in your cellular memory but is also accessible for you to learn how to use it to create a life that I can only describe as “mostly awesome, most of the time”!

In this event you will leave:


As a BONUS for just watching the class

This 70+ page ebook, valued at $29, comes with it’s own online container that includes bonus videos, the pdf and audio versions of the book.  It is a step-by-step guidebook covering in detail everything that I will teach you in this masterclass including exactly what a human being user manual looks like!

"I can't express how grateful I am for this Masterclass and you Traci. You opened my eyes to a world of wisdom & possibilities I never knew existed. I went to bed with hope of knowing my purpose and with a sense of inner peace that I’ve been searching for my whole life."

Meet Traci

Traci Trimble
Ph.D | D.MPsych | R(MT) | CBT | PaT


Let me introduce myself – my name is Traci and I am a Metaphysician, Spiritual Guide and Teacher. This means that my work is within the intricate layers of your Human Bioenergetic Field – the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers of energy that surround and support you in this Third Dimensional Reality called Human Being. 

My entry into the profession of Energy Work began in 2003 with training in Yoga, Reiki and Psychotherapy. That guided me into a PhD in Metaphysical Sciences specializing in Energy Medicine, then to a Doctorate in Metaphysical Psychology specializing in Epigenetics. Most recently embarking into being licensed in psychedelic-assisted Therapy and a certification in Ayurveda. 

My private practice and all of my programs (better yet deprograms) are based in developing a Conscious Awareness of Self through Metaphysical Psychology and in alignment with the Natural Laws of the Universe. My platform is the  Self Awareness Academy – an online learning portal for Spiritual Seekers.

My professional passion is stoked in Epigenetics – the layers of Generational Trauma that create filters that both affect and influence the way in which you are capable of perceiving your reality. 

My teachings focus on both education and the transmutation of blocked energy that affect your Self Love and limitations to your human experience. 

My purpose on this planet is to share with each interested individual their Divine Blueprint and then to guide those ready to do their work honestly back into alignment with who they are meant to be.

~ Traci