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Let me ask you this...

Are you ready to embark on a journey of profound self-discovery and transformation? Earth School invites you to unlock your true potential and align with the cosmic energies that shape our existence. With us, you’re not just a spectator; you’re an active participant in your own evolution.

Are you a Spiritual Seeker
ready to learn how to master being Human?

Ask yourself: Am I truly doing my SELF MASTERY work honestly? 

Do I know exactly who I am and who I want to be? 
Have I mastered my own thoughts and feelings?
And do I have a strong and consistent Spiritual connection to Source? 

These are the Earth School Lessons called SELF.

Am I able to fully engage in empowering relationships with 
your family, friends and community without feeling drained or overwhelmed?

These are the Earth School Lessons called INFLUENTIAL OTHERS.

Have I unleashed my full potential with a vision for my career, finances and quality of life?
Am I living a meaningful life filled with purpose and joy most of the time?

These are the Earth School Lessons called LIFE.

The Earth School Miniseries

In this 6-part FREE miniseries you learn exactly what the 12 Earth lessons are, how to work with them to master Self and ways to create a genuine commitment to your own Spiritual development .

We have all chose Human Being so that we could master these lessons and co-create our reality.  We are not here to suffer, rather to live in what I have coined as “mostly awesome, most of the time”

Do YOU want to learn to live a life that is mostly awesome, most of the time?

You ready to elevate your life if:

YOU KNOW THAT feeling sick & tired all of the time is no way to live
AND BELIEVE THAT being happy and full of energy is possible!

YOU KNOW lonely, frustrated and overwhelmed shouldn’t be the norm
AND TRUST YOU are meant to be peaceful, joyful and purposeful! 

YOU KNOW uninspired, self sabotaging and full of depression & anxiety DOES not MEAN YOU HAVE A mental illness – but ARE spiritual disconnectED
AND you are ready to do the work that you came here to do! 

The 12 Lessons of Earth School

Join me, Traci Trimble, Spiritual Xenagogue – the tour guide of the human experience and the translator or the human being user manual –  on this extraordinary adventure called EARTH SCHOOL, as we explore both the 12 lessons that are your Soul’s absolute mission on this planet and the mystical tools of Self Mastery.  Embrace the gift of this free series that is tailored to educate and empower you as Spirit Energy having a Human experience.


What to expect in the Earth School Miniseries...

In this free mini-series you will learn:

Remember your mission today

Embrace your truth as a Spirit being having a human experience here to master the 12 earth school lessons!

Unlock your potential and start your journey to Self-Mastery.

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