~ metaphysical retreats for elevating the human experience~

The cosmic cycle is a calendar that consist of 12 great Earthly lessons that include SELF: physical well-being in January, emotional competence in February, mental capacity in March, spiritual connection in April and character in May; as well as INFLUENTIAL OTHERS: intimate love relationship in June, parent/child relations in July and social infrastructure or community in August; and LIFE: career in September, finances in October, quality of life in November and vision for the future in December.  

Mystics believe that both Cosmic Intelligence or Father Heaven and this planet, Mother Earth are working together to follow a very detailed and orchestrated cycle to support each individual to live according to their own unique Divine Assignment that includes learning the 12 great lessons and healing their generational trauma from a very specific human being user manual found within our cellular memory.  The more shadow work that we do, the more we are consciously competency the more access we have to this ‘knowing’.
ENERGY FUSION, EARTH SCHOOL and SELF LOVE weekend retreats are part of a series of monthly offerings based in the foundation these 12 earthly lessons. These events are live and in-person.  They are focused on not only education around the specific months Cosmic Cycle but also committed to deprogramming the blocks and reprogramming the cellular memory that you need to engage with in order to level up!

Each one of us has our own evolution of life, and each one of us goes through different tests which are unique and challenging. But certain things are common. And we do learn things from each other's experience. On a spiritual journey, we all have the same destination... SELF LOVE!


Each include the agenda as outlined in ‘more info’, snacks & or a meal as well as a post session integration support call on the Thursday following the event at 8pm EST via Zoom.  These events are for adult Spiritual Seekers willing to do their own work honestly and are looking for their own community and Mentor to support them. Events are held in Port Perry or Keene, Ontario Canada.


This condensed 3-hour workshop is designed to create both intense physical connection & deep spiritual healing.  With a focus on deprogramming trauma, we will take a multifaceted look at the effects of our energy being overwhelmed, blocked and/or triggered by everyday life.  

In this powerful session, we will journey into Chakra alignment, followed by working through the process called “Tough Love” where Traci will channel information directly from your cellular memory to determine which chakra is holding the trauma, name the exact cause of the suffering and will then using energy medicine, meditation, sound therapy and yoga asanas to shift you back into alignment – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

This healing session is ideal if you will embark on a metaphysical journey of Self Awareness that allows you to quickly transition beyond the Body, Ego and Soul into a more aware state of TRUE SELF without a large investment of time and money.

your exchange $159 +HST

This event includes:
  • the 3 hour in-person event
  • there is not a meal
  • space limited to 6 – 8
  • held in Port Perry, ON Canada


On this 6-hour tour, we will dive deep into the mystical teachings of following a cosmic cycle in your own life and in living in collaboration with both Mother Earth and Father Heaven. Depending on the month that we are in the discussion and healing will be one of twelve the 12 great Earthly Lessons.

Guided by Traci’s metaphysical lesson you will allow yourself to be held by Mother Earth and Cosmically Guided by Father Heaven as you deprogram and release what no longer serves you and reprogram as you invite in a higher frequency & vibration. Using energy medicine, meditation, yoga asanas, breath work, sound therapy and vibrational downloads you will be shifted into a deeper conscious state of physical and spiritual awareness.  

This dynamic session is ideal when you are ready to explore new paths or opportunities through ancient mystery teachings and/or sacred plant medicine to better understand that you are indeed a Spirit Energy having a human experience.

your exchange $376 +HST

This event includes:
  • the 6 hour in-person event
  • meal and snacks included
  • space limited to 12
  • held in Port Perry, ON Canada


In this intensive life altering 3-day retreat, we gather together as a collective to truly immerse ourselves into deep cellular memory healing and generational trauma release where no conscious or unconscious suffering will be left unexplored, shamed or unloved. Instead we will step into the the light of Self Love!

Through a channeled Soul Reading you will learn the exact name of the block to stepping into Self Love, where it is blocked within the chakra body and what your Soul needs to heal from this conscious or unconscious suffering.  Through an intensive deprogramming you will free yourself from the compelling stories in your cellular memory and reprogram into a very conscious state of power by tools that can be used for years to come.

This life altering Shadow work is ideal for anyone truly willing to do their ‘Spirit having a human experience’ work honestly; anyone who needs a weekend away in their own private room, on an incredible property with some else making meals!

your exchange $1499 +HST

This event includes:
  • the 3-day in-person event
  • 1hr post weekend integration call
  • space limited to 16; Early-bird discount
  • held at Elmhirst’s in Keene, ON Canada

The 'HUMAN' Experience

An interactive visceral experience from

The secret to excelling at the human experience is rather simple – not easy – just simple.  It is SELF LOVE & AWARENESS.  The challenge is that ‘Life’ seems to get in the way of being able to create and maintain the conscious awareness, routines and time required to dedicate to ourselves.  

This, conscious and/or unconscious, disregard of Self ultimately becomes what the theory of Spiritual Disconnection best describes as the HURT: 

Habits and beliefs that render us
Unconscious of the not so silent
Rage within, created by mental and emotional
Trauma that feeds our FEAR stories

Over time, the signs of Spiritual Disconnection start to creep in without our awareness. The symptoms of Spiritual Disconnection include uninspired, self-sabotage, anxiety & depression.  These are the ‘HURT’ that we heal over the duration of these interactive weekend getaways and in the days following.

As part of the Highly Meditated & Cosmically Guided protocol, each participant will receive an individualized Soul Reading outlining exactly what your Soul Personality is asking to transform and heal over our time together.  We will do just that, HEAL, with metaphysical lessons, sound healing therapy, energy medicine downloads, guided meditation and gentle yoga.  Our goal is always deep regenerative Spiritual maintenance that bringing us back into alignment with our true and authentic Self.  

If you have been feeling all alone, if you are sick & tired of being sick & tired AND if you are ready to HEAL the HURT of unconscious incompetence then The ‘SELF LOVE’ weekend experience is for you! 

If you are already or just want to be deeply committed to practices that support you in your daily consistent action of being in alignment for your highest good then any of the Highly Meditated & Cosmically Guided event experiences are for you.

Not sure why you are so drawn to being here – well that definitely means that there is something here for you!

Supporting You...

Your primary Teacher in any of these events will always be Traci Trimble. PhD, D.MPsych, CBT. However, she is truly blessed to often be supported by either or both Allison Saul, CBT, RM(T), and Kylie Choudhry, EWYT, RM(T)…

Traci is a masculine energy Mystical Xenagogue, Allison is a feminine energy Illuminator and Kylie is a feminine energy Shamanic Spirit.  Together they will weave in and out of your bioenergetic field holding your space, deprogramming non-beneficial blocks within your bioenergetic field and reprogramming a higher frequency and vibration into your conscious cellular awareness. You will always be safe, secure and supported.


Traci, a Spiritual Xenagogue, is a mystical tour guide and translator effortlessly traversing the space between heart-driven energy medicine and the traditional ways of mystical knowing. She is a Doctor of Metaphysical Psychology who is devoted to a lifetime of authentic exploration of the spirit and wisdom of the mystery school teachings, sacred plant medicine teachers* and the science of metaphysics with the intention of healing the generational trauma that blocks the Spirit from having an empowering Human experience. Her purpose on this planet is teaching spiritual seekers willing to do their own shadow work honestly and her passion is to guide them to the light through the deepest levels of Self-awareness without judgment.


Allison, an Illuminator, disentangles the webs of illusion that have an innate ability to cloud our thought, close our heart and to block our chakras.  She is able to shine a bright light onto your path, supporting you both physically and metaphysically on  your journey. Not only is she a Certified Bioenergetic Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher and Intuitive Energy Practitioner she is also the Director of Client Care/ Chief of Staff for all things TraciTrimblePhD and Self Awareness Academy related. Her background includes over 13 years of experience in Human Resources and it shows.  It is was her interest in Usui Reiki, after first being certified in 2011, that created her passion for Energy Medicine and called her away from a successful corporate career where she now merges her passion & personal experience together to be in service.

Left: Allison Saul; centre Traci Trimble; right Kylie Choudhry at Elmhirst’s Spring 2023 Self Love Retreat.


Kylie, a Shamanic spirit, is a walker between worlds, who offers a gently loving energy that allows you to know that you are not alone.  She is a 350-hour certified Yoga Teacher and a Reiki Master with degrees in both Sociology and Education. She is committed to a lifetime of spiritual practice, Earth connection and exploration of our multidimensional reality through various pathways, including being a student of, and a conduit for, the spirit of plant medicine teachers*.  Using her experience with yogic practices she guides you to move the body, engage the breath and settle the mind, assisting in uncovering ever greater levels of awareness.  She uses her connection to the light to offer infusions of powerful energy channeled from spirit to shed light on shadow that wishes to be seen and to act as a mirror that reflects back a reminder of our natural energetic state.

"The best part of the weekend was acknowledging the magic - the synchronicities as I reconnected and attuned to my own energy."

"All I can say is this was MAGIC! It was physical surrender, spiritual grace and it was Divine Love - a genuine trust in the wisdom within me."

"I honestly wasn't sure why I was doing this. I didn't believe or even understand any of this - it was all my daughter's idea. It turns out it was MAGIC for me - I released pain, I found peace, I opened to believing. It was worth both the time and the money. Thank you for everything you did for us."