Reading – Others Navigation Types $179

USD $179.00

Now that you know your Navigation Type, it is time to know who you surround yourself with.  Who are your loved ones, your friends and your co-workers?  A form will be sent to you to provide up to 5  full names and dates of birth.  In this channeled reading, Traci will connect with up to 5 of your Influential Others and then tell you their Navigation Type.   Within 24 hours you will receive an email from sharing the details.


In your Soul Reveal Reading you discovered what your true navigational type is – the Giver, Taker, Egalitarian, Parent or Child Energy.  Traci also shared that there is a Chameleon energy – that which you become in survival mode.  This course not only shares what each Nav Type is all about but who each type best interacts and does not interact with – including your ideal love partner and your best friend or business partner.  You will get an attunement to your true Navigation Type and journal prompts that support you in aligning to your third Divine Assignment!