Sacred Ceremony – April 2024

USD $399.00


The Sacred Medicine Circle is a 4-part process that requires a commitment to all four parts.  If that is not possible then this offering and Traci is not for you. This package includes a pre-session container with a 1:1 integration call with Traci via Zoom, a group meet and greet via zoom, the sacred medicine ceremony and a post integration group session via Zoom.  Additional integration sessions can be purchased. On this 12-hour tour, we will sit in sacred ceremonial circle, we will use a specific plant medicine* to journey with Mother Earth (Mamacita), Father Heaven (Cosmic Intelligence) and their children the magic mushrooms called Psilocybin.

Your Guide is Traci a Spiritual Xenagogue – a tour guide of the mystical realms and translator of your unique to you Divine Assignment who traverses the space between heart-driven science and the traditional ways of knowing. She is a Doctor of Metaphysical Psychology, a candidate for Psychedelic Assisted Therapy certification (PaT) and a student of Peruvian Shamanism. Traci is devoted to the continuous and consistent exploration of the sacred spirit and wisdom of plant medicines. … more about Traci]

For this sacred medicine circle, you must be both called by the teachers and apply for a seat within the sacred circle….


If you have not ever journeyed with Traci and/or the plant teachers then there is an eligibility process that includes a questionnaire. Upon answering the questions, if you are eligible you will be immediately redirected to registration. Based on your answers, we reserve the right of refusal for enrollment without explanation.