Contemplation & Reflection

Your Monthly Quiz: PARENT & CHILD


Practice, Contemplation & Reflection

These three tools of Self Awareness are exactly what gift us with Self Awareness and Advanced Consciousness.  While the questions for each area of life that we are studying are the same the wealth of knowledge of Self that we uncover by asking the same question over and over and over is infinite.  As Spirit Energy having a Human experience our purpose on this planet is to KNOW THYSELF and this… this right here, this is exactly how we accomplish that.  Please take all of the time that you need to complete this “quiz” of sorts.  Remember the Law of Correspondence dictates that what we put into this is what we are going to get out of it!

I recommend sticking to the same commitment that you have been prescribed for each week – 3 sessions of at least 30 minutes.  Go back to the notes from the previous weeks if you need to but try not to.  This work will prepare you for three things.  The first, being a powerful Human.  Next, being ready to build onto these developments as we shift into the next area of life as well as sharing with your Community in Soul Healing Circle.

See you next Monday night, the 1st Monday of the month, for our live session.  

~ TT

Reflecting on week 1

How did using the meditation, the song and your precept create awareness? Specifically:

  • what effect did meditating on your Precept create in your reality?
  • how did the song amplify the cleansing and purification of this area of life?
  • what specific lessons about Self did this Precept teach you that you will carry over into the next area of life?
Reflecting on week 2

How did sitting in the silence of Contemplate advance your Conscious Awareness of Self? Specifically:

  • What was the shadow awareness of your negative polarity (B4/FEARS)?
  • What was the light amplification of your positive polarity (B5/LOVE)?

Reflecting on the mantra “for the purpose of Soul recognition, in alignment with my I AM energy and in unity with the Natural Laws”

As you moved through this area of life for the last 3 or 4 weeks using the tools of meditation, sound therapy and contemplation how have you leveled up as a Spirit Energy having a Human experience?  Who are you now, in this area of life from this perspective…

  • Fully embracing my Divine Assignment (male/female; masc/fem; nav type) I have deeper Soul recognition in the following ways…
  • In conscious awareness of my negative polarity as my Trigger (B4) I was able/unable to shift into my positive polarity and experience my Power in the following ways…
  • The Natural Laws conspired to support me (negatively or positively) in this area of life in the following ways…