Are you ready to kick self-sabotage, anxiety, depression and pain to the curb - once and for all?

Introducing the Proven Path to Self-Mastery....

The Human Being User Manual

Unlock Your Divine Blueprint - So You Can Finally Take TOTAL Charge of Your Life and Destiny

Before you do anything else...


Do you feel like you’re on a exhausting roller coaster of negative thoughts, overwhelming emotions and pain? 

Have you poured over self-help books or spent hours in therapy, only to find yourself still searching for that elusive sense of happiness and fulfillment? 

Do you feel like you’re stuck on a treadmill, running as fast as you can but not getting anywhere? 

You know something is off because you can’t seem to shake that nagging feeling that there’s more for you to do, be, and have in this life.

You WANT to feel happier.

You CRAVE more purpose, more meaning, more ease in your life.

You KNOW deep down that it shouldn’t have to be this way, that there must be a better way to live.

But, no matter how hard you try, you find yourself hitting the same roadblocks time and time again. It’s like you’re stuck in a never-ending loop of pain, depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, stress, and/or self-doubt…

Despite "working on yourself" since you can remember, you STILL find yourself thinking thoughts like...

  • “When will I stop feeling like this?”

  • “Why do I keep coming up against the SAME OLD problems and issues?”

  • “I feel like I’ve tried everything, but I’m still struggling. Maybe there’s just no hope for me.”

  • “I’m so tired of getting my hopes up, only to have things come crashing down.”
  • “WHY ME?!”

  • “I don’ t like feeling jealous but I’m ticked off that other people seem to have it easier. What did I do wrong?”

  • “Shouldn’t there be MORE to life than THIS?”

  • “I should be happier/ more successful/ farther along by now.”

You know that there CAN be more to life than this...

because when you look around, you see people who just seem to ooze happiness, contentment, and purpose… like it’s easy.

Sometimes it seems like they’ve had the smoothest ride, right? Like life’s handed them all the good cards. (The keyword here is SEEMS – mostly likely they’ve had to recover from their own difficulties.)

But here’s the thing:

there are other people who know of who have faced some tough times or major traumas…  and they’ve come out the other side feeling not just happier but downright empowered most of the time.

Guess what? You can have this too.

You shouldn't have to struggle like this.

You're just as deserving of happiness and purpose as the next person.

It's just that there's a missing link keeping you from experiencing the purpose, power and joy you want.

Most people think of healing and personal change as one dimensional.

‘See a therapist, delve into your past,’ they often say. But let’s be real, how many times have you tried that route only to find yourself still grappling with the same issues?

Then there’s the medication route. Yes, antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds can help. But, more often than not, they eventually lose their effectiveness and those familiar struggles come knocking at your door again.

And let’s not forget the ‘quick fix’ solutions – healers, workshops, you name it. Sure, you might feel better during and immediately after. But real lasting change? Well, that’s a process, not a pit stop. 

The thing is, these approaches often miss the mark because they only address  the problem on a “surface level”…


If you want to create any lasting change for yourself and your life, you need to ...

1. KNOW YOUR ‘UNIQUE TO YOU’ MAP for being human to guide you on this journey.

By knowing all of the pieces of your human being user manual that includes your DIVINE ASSIGNMENT, your FEAR stories and your TRIGGER & POWER energies. With this information you can reset your life to you highest vibration. When you understand this MAP, you’re finally able to recognize your own patterns and to grow both personally and spiritually.


by reprogramming your power energy into the 12 Earth Lessons – the 12 most important areas of life that scientists have proven are essential in creating and maintaining our happiness – physical well-being, emotional competence, mental capacity, spiritual connection, character, intimate love, parert/child relations, social infrastructure, career, finanances, quality of life and vision for the future. When your purpose is activated


By building your blueprint you have the ultimate and unique for you solution to all challenges you will ever face; a plan designed to grow with you as you navigate human being as Spirit Energy; supporting you through all that life offers!

Trying to create any real, lasting change for yourself without these three things is like trying to drive a car with a blown engine.

You may drift forward temporarily, but ultimately you won’t get anywhere!


Are you ready to know your unique to your map, reprogram your life path energy and build your self-mastery blueprint – so you can finally GET somewhere? Specifically to where you…

Yes? You’ve come to the right place… 

It's time to go from Power-LESS to Powerful

Human Being User Manual™

Unlock Your Divine Blueprint - So You Can Finally Take TOTAL Charge of Your Life and Destiny

This is the FULL path to lasting self-mastery. Over 16 life-changing weeks, you'll:

Feel happy & empowered most of the time

As you reprogram you power energy and develop profound self awareness, you'll reset your unique negative polarity to it’s highest vibration. You'll have a solid foundation for maintaining a state of deep happiness and empowerment most of the time. - no matter what is happening around you.

Love yourself & your life

With the help of your unique Human Being User Manual, you'll come to know your true self and develop deep appreciation for yourself and your life. You'll come to understand that self-love is not contingent upon external achievements or validation but stems from a profound acceptance of your authentic self. You'll learn to honor your needs and treat yourself with the same kindness and compassion you would offer to a dear friend.

Live on purpose - with ease

When people don't know their purpose, they're likely to feel unfulfilled, unmotivated and inadequate. Can you relate? The great news is that your Human Being User Manual, you'll know your purpose, which will then provide you with clarity and direction in life, guiding your decisions and actions toward goals that are deeply meaningful and fulfilling. You'll also feel a deep sense of motivation and drive to pursue your goals with passion and determination. You wake up each day with a sense of excitement and aliveness.

Transform setbacks into triumphs and emerge stronger than ever

You'll be able to quickly shift back into your power when faced with adversity - so you can navigate life's inevitable challenges with resilience and grace. Happiness and empowerment will no longer be fleeting states but rather inner qualities that are GROUNDED in your entire being.

Break the chains of generational trauma

The roots of many of our challenges don't lie in our immediate life experiences or chemical imbalances within our brains, but rather in the experiences of our ancestors. This is why some of us can't seem to break patterns like people pleasing, codependence, worry or depression. With the Human Being User Manual, you can finally take back your power from generational trauma and pave the way for a new legacy of healing and resilience.

Get back into alignment with who you're meant to be

You'll be empowered to live on your ‘True Path’ as Spirit Energy having a human experience - and create your life from this place of deep connection and strength.

Ultimately, you'll walk away knowing why you're here and able to create a life where you feel mostly awesome most of the time.

Hi, I'm Traci...

Welcome! I’m thrilled to have you here.

As a seasoned Bioenergetic Therapist, Spiritual Guide, and Teacher, I specialize in navigating the intricate layers of your Human Bioenergetic Field. This encompasses the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions of energy that envelop and sustain you in this Third Dimensional Reality as a Human Being.

Over the last 15 transformative years, I’ve had the privilege of assisting thousands of individuals worldwide in stepping onto their ‘True Path’ as Spirit Energy embodied in human form. My mission is to empower you to experience lasting happiness and empowerment in your life.

Enter the Human Being User Manual, the cornerstone of my offerings, designed to equip you with everything necessary to address issues such as depression, pain, generational trauma, and spiritual disconnection. Regardless of the duration or uniqueness of your challenges, genuine healing and transformation are within reach.

Tailored to meet you exactly where you are and propel you toward where you’re ready and willing to go, this program is your roadmap to profound self-discovery and empowerment.

The Human Being User Manual has successfully shifted thousands of people just like you out of unhappiness, disconnection and hurt – and every single one of them starts exactly where you are right now… 

wondering if this process was the one that would finally change the trajectory of their lives… and for most the answer has been a resounding YES. 

I hope to have the opportunity to help you as well. 

Here's a Peek into Your Journey

The Human Being User Manual provides all the tools you need to heal and cultivate lasting feelings of happiness and empowerment in your life.

Transformational Training Modules

Within each module, I personally and compassionately guide you through a transformative journey of learning, sharing, healing, and growth. There are 16 modules in all - all self-paced so you can do on your schedule.

Personalized Support via Group Coaching

In a group setting, live via zoom, you will be supported by me and team as you move through your specific “Area of Life” reprogramming to your POWER energy with a unique precept for each Earth School lesson. This live calls take places at 9am EST on Thursdays.

Direct Access to Me and My Team

Get your pressing questions answered when you need most. Throughout the experience, you'll be able to directly email me with specific in your question(s). Your file will be pulled, I will go into your energy and get back to you as quickly as possible.

Guided Healing Energy Medicine

Your access includes my two Spiritual Shower Meditations which help you activate biofield - so you can feel happy and empowered most of the time. These are a profoundly powerful tool to help you be grounded, open, and connected. I do these every single morning and every single night for myself.

Connect with Like-Minded Seekers

No longer do you have to do this alone! Through this private community, you'll be able to connect with other like-minded participants - you may even make life-long friends.

Take Back Your Power (Limited Time Bonus)

Learn a simple 90-second process to shift out of pain & into your power. In a world filled with distractions, chaos & uncertainty, it's easy to lose sight of the unique purpose you are meant to fulfill. This program will teach you to harness your inner strength, reclaim your spiritual power and find clarity in the everyday messages received through your body. ($199 Value - yours free with the Human Being User Manual )

When you enroll in the Human Being User Manual now, you’ll get LIFETIME ACCESS to all modules (including any updates) and weekly group coaching.
You’ll also receive insider discounts on other courses, products, events and services.

What other spiritual seekers are saying

Donna K.
It may sound weird, but I felt a nudge from the universe that meeting you was in my highest good (I now understand it was the universe). It took just that one session for me to know this is where I wanted to be to learn more about myself, the Universe and energy medicine. My awareness of self and others has skyrocketed because of my Soul Healing Protocol. For once, I know my life path and who I want to be. Doing this work on me and for others feels great!
Kylie C.
I just wanted to take the time to tell you how REVOLUTIONARY the love/fear scale [human being user manual] you help us design in Soul Healing Protocol is. It has given me a working model to effectively pull myself out of a pattern I couldn't before. I can't thank you enough for sharing this tool, I will be forever grateful for this and all of the teachings you share. Thank goodness (and obviously!) I found you in this lifetime!

How It Works?

Creating your unique Human Being User Manual does take time, energy and commitment - but it's more straightforward and simpler than you might think.
Get Started Now

When you enroll in the Human Being User Manual, you'll receive instant access to the first set of training modules - so you can dive right in.

Create Your Unique Human Being User Manual

You'll work with me through our video modules, assignments, live weekly coaching calls and private community of like-minded seekers.

Feel Happy and Live Your Purpose

You'll walk away with the tools and insights you need to feel happy and empowered most of the time. What's more - you'll love yourself and your life. No more struggle, depression, anxiety or hurt!

Step on to your ‘True Path’ as Spirit Energy having a human experience

This is a proprietary step-by-step online “do it for you” spiritual map building process that is proven to activate your ‘unique to you’ Divine Blueprint and give you all of the tools you need to live a “mostly awesome, most of the time” life.

Here’s a Recap of Everything You Get

Lifetime access to Human Being User Manual Video Training Modules (value $5600)

Lifetime access to weekly group coaching calls on Zoom (value $18,000)

Self Mastery Guidebook and Homework (value $97)

Lifetime access to private community - connect with other students and Traci (value $297)

BONUS #1: Spiritual Shower Meditations that help you activate your biofield (value $97)

BONUS #2: The Complete Divine Blueprint Guidebook (value $29)

LIMITED TIME BONUS: Take Your Power Back (value $79)
Total Value: $24,102
Today Only:

or three payments of $711

One Low Payment

$22,703 Savings!
$ 1999
  • Human Being User Manual
  • Live Group Coaching & Support
  • Take Your Power Back Bonus
  • And MUCH more!
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3 Easy Payments

3 monthly payments
$ 711 Monthly
  • Human Being User Manual
  • Live Group Coaching & Support
  • Take Your Power Back Bonus
  • And MUCH more!

The Human Being User Manual works – even when everything else hasn’t.

And the best part is you don’t even have to believe me.

If you’re not satisfied with this course and all the extras within 7 days, I will give you a full refund.


All we ask is that you fully explore the teachings and materials by diving into the first module and joining me for a group coaching session. If you do this and find the material doesn’t support you in any way, we’ll gladly refund your tuition.

frequently asked questions

Still have questions? We’ve got answers…

Deep inside of our innate operating system is a cellular memory called Soul vibration – it is the purpose each individual has for incarnating into this timeline.  It stores within it a map of sorts that is designed to align you to your true and authentic self.  Your Divine Assignment includes the answers to how you are meant to create your reality, what your true path looks and feels like for you and how you best navigate the matrix or outer reality to learn the 12 Earth lessons.  This memory also holds your generational trauma or shadow stories designed not to punish rather to guide you through mastering being human.

Many generations ago the grandparents stopped teaching the grandchildren to commune with Mother Earth and connect to Father Sky.  We have forgotten that Earth is a school.  We have incarnated here to remember who we truly are… Spirit Energy on a Human Assignment immersed in thoughts, feeling and experiences independent to each body.  We are here to raise the frequency and vibration of this timeline and to ascend to 5th-dimensional awareness.

Rest at ease.  Everything you have to to learn, heal and grow holds great value.  It is stored in your cellular memory ready to activate once you have the tools you need in place.  Imagine that you have done all of the surface work.  The tools you have collected seem useless because they are just that surface tool.  Once you are at the root of what you need to know about yourself all of those tools will serve great value to you.

This live calls take places at 9am EST on Thursdays.

Traci is a Spiritual Xenagogue – the translator of the human being user manual and the tour guide of the human experience.  She will first teach you to activate your innate bioenergetic field to take you power back; then she will channel your unique to you map – your human being user manual and then she will guide you in reprogramming your power back into the 12 earth lessons – physical well-being, emotional competence, mental capacity, spiritual connection, character, intimate love, parent/child relations, social infrastructure, career, finances, quality of life and vision for the future. She will hold space for you, be your spiritual guide and teach you all the rules of Earth School.
What you are feeling is called Spiritual Disconnection.  You simply do not know what you need to know about yourself and because of that Soul, Ego and Body are not in alignment – worse they do not even know one another intimately with one mind.  Spiritual Disconnection occurs when we are not Self Aware.  It begins as uninspired, shifts to self-sabotage, renders us incapable of asking for or receiving the help we need out of fear and all of that leads to anger becoming depression and worry becoming anxiety.

The Human Being User Manual consists of 16 modules, which you can do at your own pace. I recommend doing 1 module per a week – so you can absorb the materials and get results sooner. But, you have LIFETIME access to the modules and the weekly group coaching calls. 

You should plan to spend about 2 hours on each module. 


It’s decision time. 

Will you continue with the status quo? 


Feeling depressed, anxious, hurt and alone? Wondering if this is IT for your life?

Frustrated that you keep coming up against the same old patterns and struggles – no matter what you do?


Will you say yes to your self and learn your unique Human Being User Manual – so you can finally heal at the deepest levels and feel  happy and empowered most of the time. 

Remember, this is your precious life, and each moment is a gift you can’t get back. Plus, there’s so much at stake – your goals, dreams, relationships, health and happiness.

Don’t you deserve to finally have an awesome life?