Bonus Material

Bonus Material:

To support you on your physical journey, here are several OPTIONAL resources.u00a0 You may not bother with them now but know that they are here, in your portal to come back to any time you are looking to level up in VISION…

This is the pdf document called Self Mastery Program – Chapter 12: Vision that Traci wrote in 2016 and reads to you in lesson part A.u00a0 It is optional for you to print it or to read it on your own…

u201cEVERYTHING that I think, say and do is a reflection of what I have decided about myself; nit is a TRUE statement of WHO I AM; even more so, it is a creation in nmy deciding of WHO I WANT TO BE.u201dnn

Join Self Mastery Alumni

This Alumni program is offered to you at no extra cost.u00a0 It is a guided yet self-driven tour of living the Precepts created in the Self Mastery process.u00a0 Each month you are offered different ways to connect deeper to who you want to be in each area as we follow the Cosmic calendar and live in the conscious awareness of each area of life for a month.u00a0 You can begin a new year in January or pick up in the exact month that you graduate from.

It is an excellent accountability partner without having to join the Membership Level Two.

Plus, you are invited to the annual VISION workshop on the 1st Monday night of each December!

You must enroll yourself – we do not do that for you…


On the 1st Monday in December every year, the graduates of Self Mastery Program are invited to join Traci and the team live in Durham Region or online via Zoom to do a review of the past year, analyze and evaluate the percepts used to guide us on our blueprint journey and to create the word for the next year that holds the vision for us.

In 2023, you will find the recording of the workshop and the exercise template below…

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