Lesson A

Influential Others; Intimate Love Relationships

As we shift out of focusing 100% on our own Self we must figure out exactly how being out of alignment in the past has attracted into our lives those that we label our influential others.  Here, at Intimate Love Relationship we find the foundational relationship in our “Others” energy dynamics.

Many want to disagree that Intimate love is our primary relationship in Human being.  Most parents believe it to be their children or at least their own parents who must be the primary dynamic but not their spouse or life partner.  I will share with you why this is so.

Intimate love is the only relationship that we choose with (somewhat) conscious awareness.  As Spirit Energy we chose our biological parents knowing that their cellular stories would become our physical body long before we arrive on this timeline and our children (if we are so blessed as to have them) chose us.  Yet, with intimate love, from a state of free will and autonomy we pick a person that we have decided will be a fit – both physically/sexually and spiritually.  We are more often than not completely unaware of what has actually attracted us to our intimate partner(s) and therefore form a symbiotic bond that feeds our desire to give and to receive love. Sometimes this is beneficial and at other times not so much so.

Intimate love is tricky.  Especially if we have attracted to our partner out of FEAR (F1 – F3), if we remain in a relationship that is toxic for fear of not being worthy of love or worse out of unconscious incompetence. 

In Intimate Love you are 100% responsible for nurturing and growing within the relationship yet there is another who is also just as responsible.  This makes the learning, healing and sharing challenging at times.  So, Let’s dive in, figure out Intimate Love Relationship and do so healing!

~ Namaste