Your Homework

You have successfully completed your B2 healing session and have deprogrammed the ‘root of the original trauma’.  This work is both intellectual and emotional in nature and will be processed out of your cellular memory over the next 3-days.  Healing your trauma is the foundation of your personal and spiritual growth and development.  It requires that you are present in your healing process.  The action is simple:

  •  allow the 3-day healing to cycle to process
  •  journal any luminosity or awareness that seems relevant to your growth
  •  use the BETR healing guided meditation to support you; at least once per day but as many times as you require support

BETR Energy Medicine Tool

While this appears to be a simple meditation it is perhaps one of the most subtle and deepest of energy healing tools.  Using the acronym BETR, this bioenergetic emotional trauma release process is a proprietary technique.  Using the 2nd Degree Reiki kanji HSZSN  this healing takes place on the Astral Plane within the sacred realm of Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen.  This audio recording holds all of the same potent power as a live healing session ~ if not greater.  It was created with the deepest intention of supporting you while your cellular memory heals from the psychic surgery of our live session.  It not only works within all of the layers of your bioenergetic field (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) but also within your unique timeline and on the astral plane at the point of the generational traumas origin.  Your body is supported by Mother Earth, your Heart is open to Love and Forgiveness and your True Essence as 1st dimensional Spirit Energy is reconnected to your Human experience at this *NEW*, higher frequency and vibration with the Universe.

BETR Daily Meditation

3-day Journal PDF

In order to support you on this healing journey of deprogramming your generational trauma it is highly recommended that through the 3-day cycle that you use this healing guided meditation beginning on the day of your 1-on-1 appointment and for two days following.  If you have forgotten the importance of the 3-day process please return to the EDUCATION section in your Soul Healing Portal….

Your Coaching Call

On your call, Traci will be asking you “Where are you at?” She is asking you to check in with where your body is speaking to you (physical), how your feelings are expressing (emotional), about the quality of your thoughts (mental) and what your connection to Source is (spiritual).  See you there!

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