This Week’s Lesson

This Week's Lesson

This will be our third in-person session, affectionately referred to as your B3 and it is the last deprogramming of your cellular generational trauma energy.  This one is ALL about you, this lifetime and your unique timeline.  We are getting to the unconscious and subconscious programming that your Ego created to survive the environment that you were raised in (parents & siblings, education system, social infrastructure) and the rules or better the b-rules (the bullshit rules) created by others to make you compliant that you simply accepted as you did not know any better at the time.


It is approximately 55 minutes long and it is another bioenergetic emotional trauma RELEASE energy medicine session where Traci channels the name (the true frequency and vibration) of the SURFACE trauma of your habits & beliefs stored in your cellular memory. Using her proprietary treatment protocol she will deprogram this energy from influencing the way that you unconsciously create your reality and poison your human bioenergetic field so that we can finally align you with your True Self, your Spiritual Energy.


This week you will have two videos…

ABOUT Habits & Beliefs

ABOUT the SURFACE of your Habits & Beliefs...

NEXT... meet Traci in your session; use the Zoom link Allison provided when you booked your session