The art of reflection is best experienced as an active meditative process that has phases of activity. This is the process that I am recommending that you adopt (and of course alter in any way that is most empowering for you:

1) set aside a minimum of 30 minutes at least 3 times a week – or even better if you could put aside 90 minutes and do all of this work at once it will have a very powerful effect on your life.

2) use the questions from the quiz as a very specific guide OR simply ask the question “what has my work in this area of life this month created for me?”

3) Go into a ground ~ open ~ connect ~ protect meditative state (GOCP) using the guided meditation or by using your own modified version

4) Out loud or in your mind make the following mantra statement…  “For the purpose of Soul recognition, alignment to my I AM energy and in unity with the Natural Laws, I sit in reflection…”

5) read the first quiz question, sit in silent meditation with your eyes open or closed for a few seconds to a few minutes and then journal your answer

If you chose to, free answer the quiz questions first and then reflect on those answers, that is very powerful as well. It is important for you and for your community that you complete the Quiz in preparation of wrapping up area of life and to share in circle should you choose.