The Energy of VISION

This month in the astrological calendar it is December and in the Cosmic cycle it is the Energy of Vision. This month is very unique as it represents the end of another cycle of 12 lessons or areas of life that we as Spirit Energy having a Human experience came here to learn and then to graduate through. 

Our focus, the same that it is in each area of life, is the opportunity to align our Divine assignment to these Cosmic lessons in the essence of KNOW THYSELF.  With each new month on our timeline and with each lesson that we are working together on Self Mastery, not only are we creating the ways in which we align our conscious awareness to the positive energetic aspects for ourselves but also, we are becoming the light that so many others so desperately need.  

As a group, a mastermind of sorts, not only are we creating with intention but also LOVING the life that we are intentionally creating. We are part of the solution that humanity is seeking!

How, might you ask?  because each of us has a vision for the future.  We are showing up on purpose and just by existing we are becoming of enormous benefit to all of humanity. It is the vision of who we want to be that is the beacon of light.  In this program (and life in general) your vision – all of the details – are no one’s business.  This is a masterful plan between you and Cosmic Intelligence.  Not because it is a secret but because it is meant to be of only your own energy.  What other people think, feel or how they experience your Vision is absolutely none of your business.  You need not explain yourself to anyone… ever!

We are going to use ONE SINGULAR WORD to represent VISION.  It is the tool that we will use to manifest all of the powerful and empowering details of this next cycle in our timeline… the Earthy space and time called our New Year.  VISION is the conscious decision to co-create your reality… so let’s do this!

Our Self Mastery goal this month is to create a word that allows your TRIGGER energy to become the “Teacher” and your POWER energy to be the evidence that you have, with awareness, actually learned, shared, healed and are growing into the Human you intended to be when you decided to come here!  This… this is the epitome of living the Natural Law of Polarity. 

As always, our metaphysical work in these sessions is to learn for our own self not just about how but also that this is absolutely true – Heaven and Earth energies come together, ‘as above, so below’, to cleanse and purify our bioenergetic fields of old habits and beliefs, of lessons completed but not released and of the energy of Others that we could not mind our own business and took on their work… 


See you, live on Zoom on the 1st Monday at 6pm EST as we dive into Self Mastery, the Natural Laws of the Universe and your spiritual development!

~ Traci

The key VISION  energy concepts to remember while connecting to your PRECEPT:

  • your are the co-create of your story
  • how your next chapter unfolds
  • how to show up in all areas of life
  • define or describe your purpose for being here
  • always in alignment to your DA

Inspired Activity:

  • Commit to your Precept
  • Follow the weekly lesson plan
  • Post questions to the Group
  • Do your “work” honestly
You will find the most recent recording of the live session here by 3pm EST on the Tuesday following class…


Building Your

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YOU ARE YOUR LIFE VISION ~ your life becomes what you think, say and do.  It is time for you to decide who you want to be.  In this 90-minute annual workshop you will make a bold, clear and actionable WORD designed to attract to you and you to the exact energy you desire to keep you on this path of Self Mastery, that will motivate you to keep working on WHO you want to be!

Always remember:  “EVERYTHING that I think, say and do is a reflection of what I have decided about my Self; it is a TRUE statement of WHO I AM; even more so, it is a creation in my deciding of WHO I WANT TO BE.”                                                   ~ Neale Donald Walsh, Conversations with God

To be prepared for Monday’s class you will have had to complete your homework over the last few weeks.  You have: 

  1. Gone through and make a list of all 11 of the precepts that you have created for each area of life (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, character, intimate love relationship, parent (you)/child(you), social, career, finances, quality of life)
  2. If you skipped any areas or didn’t show up for yourself ie you do not have a precept then I want you to take at least 10 additional minutes in each of those areas and write yourself a love letter – without judgment or criticism – share with your own self what stopped you from doing this work honestly; figure out an aha moment before you move onto task 3
  3. Choose from all 11 the top 3 most important areas that require your attention, intention and awareness in order for your vision to be “mostly awesome, most of the time”. You now have a list of 11 precepts plus you have highlighted those that are your FOCUS (top three) for daily consistent action.
  4. Next, you are going to create a vision based story – it can be a written story, you can orally narrate it into a recording on Zoom or your phone.  This is SO IMPORTANT.  By writing or speaking out loud you are telling the Universe that THIS shall be so!  You are literally putting the energy into it to allow it to be drawn to you like a magnetic beacon.

ALL OF THIS PRE-WORK will be essential as we Metaphysically Journey into the future of our timelines, meet our future self and create our WORD for the next cycle of our intentionally designed VISION for the future!

This special event will begin after sharing session of Quality of Life. We are looking forward to spending this time with you!!!  

Your hosts ~ Traci & Allison


Monday December 5, 2022
7:00 – 9:00 pm EST 

* Traci will share her (masculine energy) personal Self Mastery Journal to give you some ideas and key take-aways for not only building/creating your own but also how to use it to guide and support you through this next cycle of KNOW THYSELF; this will include a Question/Answer period

* We will embark on an intensive guided energy medicine meditation designed to get all old energy out of your biofield.  In this unique experience we will travel a guided journey on our individual timelines, witnessing what we are about to create in this new cycle, we will meet our future Self and ask for guidance in receiving our WORD for this next leg of our journey. [note: there will be sound healing programmed into the journey]

* After the meditation and a short journal we will discuss the word that was either gifted to you or confirmed as exactly your task (masculine) or mission (feminine) in this next school year on the horizon!

Bring the following items:

  • Your previous Self Mastery Journal and the NEW one
  • Pens, Pencils, Coloured Markers
  • All of your previous Self Mastery workbooks
  • A vessel for water and/or tea


Live on December 5, 2022

Here is a written outline of the Self Mastery Journal and some of the ways that you can use your journal to support you…