Part 1: Homework – activity


Practice the Body Scan; Part 1 of the Spiritual Shower ~ focused on the Reiki tools GOCP

This part of the course is going to be covered best live and on video as opposed to writing it out.  However, so that it has valuable real estate in your manual let’s talk about the main components of DOING a body scan.

What is a Body Scan?

Using your imagination, you will be learning and practicing how to move into every single physical (muscles, tissue, bone and organ) in your body and through every single metaphysical (chakras, bioenergetic field and aura) within and around your being.

I know, at the moment, this may not seem easy nor simple.  But guess what, with practice, it is both easy and simple.  It is also an essential skill in order to heal your own physical trauma, disease and dysfunction.  Once you can heal your most challenging client – yourself – you can easily transform those skills to be in service to others should you choose that as valuable to your character.

For now, we are just going to focus this skill on the exercise called the Spiritual Shower – using Reiki and the GOCP process to get comfortable.  In October we will add the chakras and in December we will add the anatomy and finally in January we will use this tool to perform psychic surgery on ourselves and on each other.


Here is the step-by-step process for your homework throughout the 4 weeks.  Let’s call this SPIRITUAL SHOWER PART ONE:  

Do this on your own, without the guided meditation…

  1. Find yourself in a safe, quiet and sacred space; light your candle and invoke protection, have your journal handy, write down that you are “just taking inventory and may or may not be performing healing at this time;
  2. If you have Reiki and a certain process you like to follow then do that now – if not, do not worry about it at this time.  Just know that your development will be more rapid if you are working with Reiki;
  3. Attrain your breath by taking a few slow deep inhales and exhales, then bring your imagination to the top of your head moving your breath down the spine on an exhale and up the spine on an inhale.  Do this for a few minutes;
  4. Use your imagination to GROUND your body to Earth Energy;  EXPERIENCE it!
  5. Use your imagination to OPEN your Heart to Love and Forgiveness;  EXPERIENCE it!
  6. Use your imagination to CONNECT to Heaven Energy;  EXPERIENCE it!
  7. Use your imagination to PROTECT yourself; call in the Angels, Arch Angels, Guides and Guardians;  EXPERIENCE their presence!