Part 2: Homework activity

Practicing Energy Medicine

In class this month, several key things are happening that you may or may not be aware of:

  1. We are always in Reiki.  This energy method is the foundation that I chose to teach for developing the gifts that we use in this program.  This month you will learn some energy medicine techniques including the 4 ways Source communicates, the Ground, Open Connect, and Protect process, and a refresher of the Precepts and Self Care hand placements.  As well as body scanning techniques that will be developed deep next month.
  2. You are developing your psychic energy skills – by practicing Energy Medicine on your SELF every day, you are becoming more and more energetically sensitive!


  • You MUST be able to trust in Energy.  You have to know your own shit so you do not get caught up in your client’s trauma.  Research Reiki on your own, ask questions in the FB Group.  Use Cho Ku Rei on EVERYTHING. As an independent study –  I highly recommend Bronwen Steine.  Check out Barbara Brennan too;
  • PRACTICE being in your energy learning, feeling and knowing what the bioenergetic field feels and looks like for you;
  • Study the manual, know, and understand PEMS – the 4 ways Source Speaks to us; watch the bonus mini-series called 6 Simple Steps to Self Love (this is the Reiki Precepts Study Group lessons)
  • Get GROUNDED – feel it.  Know OPEN – be it.  Find CONNECTED – allow it;
  • Practice placing DAILY protection around your SELF, your home and those who live with you (pets included).


  1. Read the manual as a full document, at least once, possibly twice (or more); make notes of any questions that you may have
  2. Complete the homework as assigned above and within the manual
  3. Create your daily Spiritual Shower routine – a minimum of 90 -seconds to 20 minutes daily where you ground, open, connect, put on protection and sit in Reiki Energy as often as possible
  4. If you have any questions that cannot wait for class please ASK in the private Facebook Community – remember to tag both Allison and Traci – so that your classmates can learn as well.  If it is private please message Traci.