Week Three ~ Contemplation


Once we have established a Practice of conscious Self Awareness, we can graduate into a more empowered state called contemplation. Contemplation an activity is both mental (thinking) and emotional (feeling).  It is how we bring Soul and Ego into the proper alignment of True Self – we literally become Soul’s Personality through contemplation. As a practice, contemplation is how we align to the several of the key Laws of the Universe – including Correspondence, Polarity and Cause & Effect.  By actively contemplating on our Soul’s purpose we bring Spirit (spiritual) and Matter (physical) into correspondence as polar opposites to create harmony!

The activity includes the following:

1) put aside 30 minutes at least 3 times this week where you can listen to the sound vibration and then sit in silence.  The purpose here is to attune to the power mantra for KNOW THYSELF: “For the purpose of Soul recognition, alignment to my I AM energy and in unity with the Natural Laws, I sit in contemplation…

2) after stating the mantra there is nothing for you to do except be present in the moment, allowing what the Universe has to share with you to arrive

3) whenever you knw that you have completed the mission (female) or the task (male) take a few minutes to journal.  Ask your Self, your paper and your pen (or your computer and your fingers) questions and let the answers poor out.  Use your imagination – be in the flow.

Sound Vibration for this area of life…