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On a regular basis new content will be added to the the bonus sections – as new information is sourced out or recordings get edited from previous year classes.  If you have books, courses, teachers, etc that you would like to recommend then share those with Traci – she will vet the relevance for the group and add the ideas here as things to check out…

2021 Practitioner Class

This series of audio recordings are from the Class of 21/22 in person sessions, edited for relevance.

Bonus Material

Independent study
These are the independent study topics that I will highly recommend.  Not today, but within your development as a bioenergetic therapist.  You should want to always be learning how to both Raise & Maintain your Frequency & Vibration; specifically:

Beta – general consciousness; present moment; 14.20 Hz; = present moment awareness & gratitude
Alpha – Higher Awareness of thought and feeling; 8.13 Hz;  = sound therapy
Theta – Calming Peak of Brain activity; 4.7 Hz; = energy medicine
Delta – Vibration activated after 17 seconds; thought/concentration; Pure focus for 68 seconds manipulates and manifests; = deep meditation & deep sleep