Part 1: Lesson A – a reading

Summarizing the Basics

About Psychic Surgery

In layman terms, it is a metaphysical process of Mind Body Medicine that uses an intimate energetic connection between the energy worker’s etherical mind and the patient’s bioenergetic field. In this process the practitioner manipulates the patient’s frequency and vibration in order to bring non beneficial energy into alignment with the true nature of the patient.  This manipulation is shifting energy from non beneficial to beneficial.

In your minds eye you are performing surgery at a subtle body energetic level. Let me repeat that… in your minds eye, you are performing psychic surgery at a subtle body energetic level.


There are tools for psychic surgery that you will need to master:


  1. Awareness of the bioenergetic field

  2. Knowing & feeling Frequency & Vibration = experiencing for Self

  3. Understanding In and Out of Alignment

  4. Being in the Chakras

The components of mind body medicine that allow for the process of psychic surgery to work will need to become second nature for you.


These daily practices include:


  1. Developing one’s imagination through a simplistic technique called visualization

  2. Connection to Source through Prayer & Meditation

  3. Raising & Maintaining your own Frequency & Vibration

  4. Understanding, developing & practicing one’s intuition 

  5. Learning to BE the Witness – see, feel, know

About the Bioenergetic Field

The bioenergetic field includes the layers of energy that surround the body – it affects and influences us in subtle energetic ways.  There are many different interpretations of the bioenergetic field.  I believe this is so because each person may have their own way of interpreting what they experience from their own sensitivities perspective.  Since the bioenergetic field cannot be seen by the eye we then must rely on interpretation.

I love Barbara Ann Brennan’s explanations and reasoning.  From a perspective different from my own, I find hers the best.  I, however, do not “see” how she does.  I will share with you my interpretation – how I “see” it, how I teach it and how it is to be treated in BETR.

There are 4 layers of the bioenergetic field.  For me, they exist from about 4 feet from the outside of the body to the inner core of the body.  The body being the anchor of the patient’s life force to this space and time.  

About Frequency & Vibration

This is more metaphysical in definition than it is physics.  However, physics still applies.

Vibration and frequency are the energies of creation that allow for experience.  It is why we, as Spiritual Beings, chose to manifest in physical form.  We wanted to experience thoughts and feelings as an individual energetic source.

Spiritual intuition is 100% Energy – it is etheric in nature.  It is the original source – universal life force energy.  In complete contrast is Physical matter.  So, what is in between – how is energy transformed into matter? Well, vibration and frequency, of course!

As energy, these create movement, either motion or action.  The active energy that expands away from the body is called vibration.  The action of the energy that emanates from within the body is called frequency.  These fields are small and tight when the energy being fed to them is non beneficial or out of alignment with that human’s highest good (their fear story).  These fields are big, expansive and all encompassing when the energy being fed to them is beneficial or in alignment with that human’s highest good (their love story).

Types of Energy

In order to best understand how and why frequency and vibration are so very important one must understand the two opposite perceptions of the effects – in alignment and out of alignment.

Your job will be to hunt down non-beneficial energy.  So it is best that you know what that is.  So let’s start with some truth:

  1. Energy is neither GOOD nor is it BAD; that is a human construct – giving energy a name creates its frequency and vibration.  Bad is considered a low/slow energy that does not feel good and is created by thoughts that are not within one’s highest good.  Good energy is considered a high/fast energy that feels good and is created by throughs that are beneficial to one’s highest good.  However, neither good nor bad is ideal.  They are both judgement.

  2. The LAW OF THE UNIVERSE is BALANCE.  Good or bad is beneficial because they are judgement. The Universe operates within the confines of the law of balance.  Enough of each creates the perfect symmetry of awareness.  Light and Dark; Good and Bad; Above and Below; etc…

  3. Perception creates your reality and Choice creates your level of Awareness.  If you perceive that something is good – it, therefore, in your capacity to think and feel is GOOD.  Yet, if you perceive that something is bad, it, therefore is in fact bad.  YOUR PERCEPTION creates your reality.

About the Heaven Energies

We will cover the simplest understanding of heaven energies.  The absolute basics for implementing Energy Medicine.  I highly recommend that you learn as much about this as possible. Imagine that I am sharing with you a tour of a home through the hallways. But, to really know that home you must investigate and experience each and every room.

The highest energetic level is 12th Heaven.  It is the furthest away from human awareness and or reality.  Humans understand and experience the heavens from 5th to 12th. The energy of Source is delivered from 12th into 3rd Dimensional Awareness. We will be playing here!