Part 2: Lesson B – a reading

Shifting PEMS/SMEP to S(M/E)P

In class over the next several months, we are going to make a small adjustment to the traditional PEMS/SMEP process that I have been teaching for years.  This adjustment is shifting us out of what people are willing to believe – that the E (emotional/Soul/feelings) and the M (mental/Ego/thoughts) are separate or different – into the truth… they are only separate or different when one is Spiritually Disconnected and Soul and Ego are working independently of one another.  In Spiritual Connection, Ego is simply the physical manifestation of Spirit Energy’s personality and Soul is the metaphysical manifestation. 

In your bonus materials of this section, over time, there will be many recorded sessions of the different ways to experience PEMS/SMEP and to experience S(M/E)P.

Let’s start with the basic basics…


I call this the way the Source or Cosmic Intelligence communicates with us.  It is the basic background knowledge of the four operating systems of human intelligence and the four levels of being human through awareness.  Both concepts are not unique to me alone, nor do they seem to be unique to any one source, and none seem to have the same labeling systems.  By piecing together research and personal experience I have categorized what I consider valuable educational components for Self Awareness and (w)holistic long-term healing.

To begin, there are four very separate yet integrally interconnected operating systems of human intelligence that I subscribe to fully and are an integral piece of the healing process called Soul Healing. 

Each of these operating systems serves a unique purpose in the communication process between Soul and Ego resulting in either (a) a positive mental attitude and subsequent physical well-being or (b) a negative mental attitude and physical dysfunction. Understanding each system as its own entity gives us, as human beings, the capacity to comprehend exactly where we are at (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually) in any given moment. This knowledge and awareness is essential to being in alignment as a human being – as a Soul and Ego operating in harmony within a physical Body.

The four specific operating systems include the Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical.  They function bioenergetically but also, but they manifest within our stories – sometimes even without us being aware of their impact or functioning.


This operating system is the first level of communication with God Source.  Unfortunately, for many, it tends to be the fourth and last level of actual awareness in the act of being human.  Of the four operating systems, Spiritual is the most metaphysical in nature and tends to be a little more elusive in the realm of general human awareness.  As human beings, this is usually a cultivated source of valuable information as opposed to being readily available to all without effort and/or understanding of other factors.   It can often be referred to as one’s intuition.  When correlated with the chakra system, which will be discussed further in this dissertation, it is crown, third eye and throat chakra energy – the etheric energies.

When one has learned the universal language of energy, often through meditation, it is indeed possible to hear, see or know exactly what Source shares to guide, teach, heal and protect us (Brennan, Hartry and Masters).  Once one has become spiritually savvy, intuition will warn us when we are going out of alignment with our True Self, our God Self, and/or our Universal Self before any energetically non-beneficial circumstances are created. When operating from this space we often feel and/or appear to simply flow through our life experiences, in alignment, and therefore, drawing to us more of the same experiences.

Being in alignment simply means that our thoughts and subsequent actions are in the highest good for all to be engaged in the experience.  In alignment, we are able to respond instead of reacting because we are able to see the scene, situation or scenario for what it is – an experience – neither good nor bad, only an experience (Masters).  Being out of alignment means the opposite – we are not responding, we are most likely reacting because we perceive the scene, situation or scenario to be good or bad and that judgement influences us in so much as we perceive that we have no apparent choice in it but to be victimized. (Brennan)

How it works is that we have a thought or an intuition.  It is either our highest good or it is not.  If it is and we proceed all is well.  Unfortunately, if it is in our highest good and we do not proceed or if it is not and we do proceed then we are going out of alignment leading us closer to manifesting non-beneficial energy.  Our intuition attempted to guide us but we were unable or unwilling to heed the information.

Once intuitive communication has failed we have begun to move into an energetic space being out of alignment.  Therefore, the second operating system kicks in to guide and protect us.


The second operating system is mental. It is the space in which Ego and Soul reside within a working relationship.  Here, these two energies are charged to manage our day-to-day existence. They either reside in harmony with an “openness of mind and awareness of spirit” (Masters) or in disconnection and chaos.  Ego is charged with the management and subsequent interpretation of the external world and the influential others around us.  Whereas Soul is charged with the internal space in which we know ourselves in our truth – in the divine light of God’s being within us (Masters).  When we are dialed into our Mental Operating system of Ego and Spirit in partnership, each fulfilling its intended purposefulness and duality, we would realize that intuition had already offered a gentle warning that the scene, scenario or situation being presented was about to take us out of alignment.   The response would then be that Soul and Ego would negotiate through a presentation of a spiritually based positive mental attitude and once again we would be in alignment without non-beneficial energetic consequences. 

However, if Ego has been left to its own accord, unchecked for a lifetime then it is possible that this operating system becomes corrupted, one-sided and power-hungry.  Ego does not look forward from a positive energetic space but backward from a negative point of view created by the trauma of the conception to birth process where Ego exists as the Protector where it has been given the task of protecting us from any more pain and suffering.  This then becomes a state of out of alignment and is often represented as a negative mental attitude where there is a chaotic battle between Ego and Soul that determines how life’s scenes, situations and scenarios are perceived and how the bioenergetic layers of trauma are developed and more disconnection is experienced.

Once mental communication has failed, and Ego and Soul are at war there is one last attempt at communication from Source before the consequence of being out of alignment transforms from one of energy into becoming that of physical matter.


The third operating system is much like a high-tech security system whose function is to monitor whether we are in alignment (closer to love) or out of alignment (closer to fear).  When we emotionally feel “good” we tend to be operating from a space of alignment and when we emotionally feel bad it often indicates that we are out of alignment.  However, it is important to realize that this feeling of good versus bad may also be a story concocted by Ego to protect us from leaving the comfort zone of protection. 

All emotions are important as they have a purposefulness – however, the emotions labeled bad such as grief, sadness, shame, anger, lack of worthiness, abandoned, blaming and guilt are all fear based – their purposefulness is to alert or to warn us that we are about to go too far; that our actions or inaction is about to take us to the place where our fears will begin to manifest physically as symptoms of dysfunction and/or disease.

Emotional Trauma, therefore, is both energetic in nature and is also in the process of transitioning into matter. Real physical and mental symptoms come from the misunderstanding and or misinterpretation of our emotions.  From a place of emotional trauma, one is rendered incompetent in responding to any given situation in the most beneficial way. The tendency, rather, is to react, thus creating even more non-beneficial energy.

This is when we transition from energy to matter.  We interpret life physically.


This fourth operating system is the last level of energetic communication.  However, it is also, most often, the first level of awareness in the average person’s consciousness.  This means that, unfortunately, within the context of these 4 levels of Self-awareness, we, as humans, tend to operate in the opposite (and opposing order) than I just presented.  Rather, we are more keenly aware of ourselves as merely Physical beings, sometimes through our Emotional Systems, yet very rarely do we recognize ourselves in the state of Mental and/or Spiritual operating.

At the level of the physical operating system, Source attempts to communicate with us yet again to say that we are out of alignment with our highest good.  Through the creation of physical warnings that first appear as annoyances like tingling, itching, burning, throbbing or aching sensations throughout the body.  By pinpointing exactly where this irritation is within the body based on the chakra centres we are energetically able to diagnose the emotional imbalance that is taking place.

If we fail to diagnose and treat the out-of-alignment thought, idea, action or inaction, then Source becomes more aggressive by creating consistent pain.  Hoping to indicate that there is indeed something wrong.  By this point, the ailment that was once just a thought not in our highest good has now manifested as a physical ailment.  For example, headaches often indicate that the individual is feeling disconnected, isolated and alone either physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually; on the right side of the body it is from another and or the left side is from Self.

Finally, if we fail to take care of ourselves by this point, the ailment has manifested into a dysfunction and/or a disease that may be life-threatening.  Therefore rendering us completely unconsciously incompetent.

While there are now many of these videos available in the Membership communities – for now this is the video of choice to communicate the importance of understanding SMEP.  

In class we will focus on creating the shift to S(M/E)P                                                     >>>>>>>>>>>>>


The 3-Day Cycle

As a client of mine I share the 3-Day cycle in passing as often as possible.  As a Practitioner you must really know what this means for you.

Paying attention to the moment that you recognize that you are out of alignment and then count days back one, two or three to figure out EXACTLY what has taken you out of alignment.  This gives us clear knowing of what we need to cleanse and purify as we spiritually shower.

Remember not only allow but also appreciate the physical ways that we release non beneficial energy like burping, farting, sneezing, laughing, coughing, crying and yawning.