Part 2: Lesson B

The Djuny Method

The following method is to be used to DOWNLOAD  the trauma energy information from within the cellular memory, or spiritual bioenergetic field of the client in the Soul Healing Protocol process as well as in a BETR Treatment.  Each is performed for a different reason.

Soul Healing protocol treatments are RELEASES of generations of non beneficial energy stagnating within the human bioenergetic field that hold space for habits and beliefs that are also non beneficial to be formed.  SHP BETR requires 5 very specific treatments.

BETR Treatments are REALIGNMENT of blocked or stuck energy that is too stubborn for Reiki or Chakra Balancing to be of immediate benefit. BETR as an Energy Medicine treatment can be completed in one to three sessions, AFTER SHP BETR.  This will be explained in greater detail in the BETR training.

Both use the knowledge of Reiki, psychic surgery and akashic records.

As each energy has a true name, and through the process of BETR we know the energy’s true name.  With Djuny, we will COMMAND that 12th Heaven Energy – the Divine light directly from Source – releases the energy that we name.  And so it is!

In all energy work ALWAYS use “we” and never “I” – you, as a human being, are not doing anything but holding the space.  I, is the conduit, the vessel or the body that true life force energy flows through.  We, is the Source, the God power present within and all around you.


There are 6 steps that you can use as a guide to becoming a very powerful and empowering Bioenergetic therapist.  When we grow into BETR you will use these steps to connect with Source and the client; to get into their records and then to come back to this space and time.

You MUST be so comfortable in these steps – this is who you are!


Clear space 


Call on AA Michael
Invoke 5th dimensional light
Command transport


Invoke HSZSN


Open crown
Command 12th heaven using DKM
Pull from Akashic Records


Asking for the information from 12th Heaven
Receiving the information – downloading
Releasing the Trauma – witnessing

Step # 6 CLOSING

Closing the auric field
Closing HSZSN
Giving thanks
Clearing the space
Bring the client back; document

Cultivation Your Gifts

Our metaphysical gifts are called Clairs.  There are at least 18 different ways that energy can be interpreted by human awareness. These are the 5 most common and easiest ways to perform psychic surgery:

                                      KNOWING ~ SEEING ~ HEARING ~ FEELING ~ SMELLING