This month, in the astrological calendar, it is September. It is also the first month of Earth’s cycle of Fall or Autumn and in the Cosmic cycle it is the the Energy of Career.

Our focus in the essence of KNOW THYSELF will be creating the ways in which we are ‘in-service’ as both Spirit and as Matter. For many, this may not be absolutely clear and creates questions like “how am I even suppose to in service as Spirit and as Matter?”.  Oddly enough, the Universe remembers who you are, so the “how” is going to come from listening to your heart, paying attention to the world around you and then showing up in your truth. Too many of us overthink the “in service” part because we think of it as having to act or to do for others.  It does not.  It means that by showing up in your truth you are being of enormous benefit to other beings.  You are not creating chaos, you are minding your own business and who you are is energetically contributing to society.

Our metaphysical work in these sessions is to learn not just about how but also that this is absolutely true – Heaven and Earth energies come together, ‘as above, so below’, to cleanse and purify our bioenergetic fields of old habits and beliefs, of lessons completed but not released and of the energy of Others that we could not mind our own business with and took on their work…


See you, live on Zoom on the 1st Monday at 6pm EST as we dive into Self Mastery, the Natural Laws of the Universe and your spiritual development!

~ Traci

You will find the live session recording here by 3pm EST on the Tuesday following class…

The key CAREER energy concepts to remember while connecting to your PRECEPT:

  • your Soul is here for this purpose
  • how to be “of” enormous benefit
  • how to show up for Self first
  • define being in service for others
  • always in alignment to your DA

Inspired Activity:

  • Commit to your Precept
  • Follow the weekly lesson plan
  • Post questions to the Group
  • Do your “work” honestly