Week Two ~ Practicing the Tools, Living the Precept


It is through practice and ONLY through practice that we are able to transform or level up from conscious incompetence to conscious competence.  The form of practice that we take is irrelevant but it does include a consistent active of active awareness.  For masculine energy this is called “doing”and for feminine energy this is called “being”.  Oddly enough the activity or the practice can look exactly the same and have the same elements but it will be very different depending on your True Energy Type.  

The activity includes the following:

1) determine your Precept for this area of life; have you learned enough about yourself from last years precept.  If not then keep that and dive deeper.  If so, then create the next level precept

2) put aside 30 minutes at least 3 times this week where you can listen to the meditation.  The purpose here is to (a) download the precept into your cellular memory AND (b) to attune to the power mantra for KNOW THYSELF: “For the purpose of Soul recognition, alignment to my I AM energy and in unity with the Natural Laws, I sit in reflection…

For this week I would not even journal.  As the purpose here is to learn to practise being present with who you are and who you want to be this are of life as  Heaven and Earth conspire to cleanse and purify your bioenergetic field and the reality that you have created with your thoughts and feelings in this area of life in the past.

This week's meditation

Here is the edited version of this months meditation from class on the 1st Monday of the month. The focus here is…

Name:     Time:    Energy:

This week's sound vibration

This song was specifically chosen for it’s healing power in this area of life.  It can be found on YouTube this version not have any commercials…

Name:    Time:   Energy: