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As Bioenergetic Therapists we are experts in energy medicine, specifically reading, releasing and reformatting ‘generational trauma’. Our purpose in the Self Awareness Academy is to provide a roadmap for ‘Elementary Level Spiritual Seekers’ to be able to shift into ‘Self Awareness’ with ease. Our platform is sharing the story of the ‘Divine Assignment’ and then creating a human being user manual unique to and for each individual.  Our passion is to empower you to be on your ‘True Path’ as Spirit Energy having a human experience.  Here, in this ‘Portal of Knowledge’, we support you on the journey of shifting out of Spiritual Disconnection into Self Awareness without Judgement. We are here for you as your Guides, Teachers and Energy Workers…

The Epidemic of Spiritual Disconnection

A Journey of Self Awareness from HURT to HEAL

Uninspired, self-sabotage, anxiety & depression are an epidemic, especially in the West.  What do each of these dysfunctions have in common? They are ALL symptoms of Spiritual Disconnection.  Most of us have literally forgotten who we are.  We are out of alignment with our truth, we are HURT and we do not even know what either of those things mean.

Being ‘Spiritually Disconnected’ means that we have forgotten who we are, why we are here and what the rules for this space and time even are.  It means that we are unaware that being out of alignment with the Natural Laws of the Universe is literally the root cause of our pain & suffering.  

Being HURT means that we are following an unconscious, self sabotaging program where our H – habits and beliefs have rendered us completely U – unconscious of the not so silent R – rage controlling and compelling us as it attracts T – trauma known as our FEAR stories.

If you have been feeling all alone, if you are sick & tired of being sick & tired AND if you are ready to heal the HURT then The Self Awareness Academy has the tools that you need to both create & maintain lasting happiness.  

Is this journey from dysfunctional to Self Aware going to be easy… NO!  Will it be simple – you bet!!! 

Welcome home… you are no longer alone on this adventure called Human Being!

~ Traci


Spiritual Xenagogue

Guide of the Human Experience & Translator of the 'Human Being User Manual'; traversing and healing Shadow work since 2015


Traci Trimble
Ph.D D.MPsych R(MT) CBT

Let me introduce myself - my name is Traci and I am a Bioenergetic Therapist, Spiritual Guide and Teacher. This means that my work is within the intricate layers of your Human Bioenergetic Field - the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers of energy that surround and support you in this Third Dimensional Reality called Human Being. My entry into the profession of energy work began with training in Yoga, Reiki and Psychotherapy. That guided me into a PhD in Metaphysical Sciences specializing in Energy Medicine, then to a Doctorate in Metaphysical Psychology specializing in Epigenetics. Most recently embarking into being licensed in psychedelic-assisted Therapy and a certification in Ayurveda. My private practice and all of my programs (better yet deprograms) are based in developing a Conscious Awareness of Self through Metaphysical Psychology and in alignment with the Natural Laws of the Universe. My professional passion is stoked in Epigenetics - the layers of Generational Trauma that create filters that both affect and influence the way in which you are capable of perceiving your reality. My teachings focus on both education and the transmutation of blocked energy that affects your human experience. My purpose on this planet is to share with each interested individual their Divine Assignment and then to guide those ready to do their work honestly back into alignment with who they are meant to be.

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