These are just a few of the Spiritual Seekers that continue to work with Traci as their Spiritual Guidance; many have been with her for years and continue to level up their Self Awareness through consciously doing their own “work” honestly.  They trust Traci and Allison are there to guide and support them.  They know that Traci will never do their work for them but also that she is as invested in their personal & professional development:

Meet Melissa, she continues to be a client of Traci’s – she connected with The Divine Assignment and did her Soul Reveal in 2017, she completed Soul Healing Protocol, is a member of The Self Awareness Membership, Self Mastery Alumni and she joined the Practitioner Program in 2021.  She is still getting benefit from Membership…

That [membership meditation on March 15, 2022] was incredible. I envisioned myself cradled under a gigantic magestic tree so big that some of the roots came above ground creating a space for me. It was covered in thick soft moss which cradled me while Mother Earth gifted me knowledge. Like a baby in the womb. I have saved this for future use as my goal is to learn to have the complete ability nurture myself during times of duress. 

…not everyone wants to immerse themselves in The Self Awareness Academy; some just work with Traci for ongoing Spiritual Guidance – even though they have not completed Soul Healing Protocol they know that they will be guided and supported, too:

Meet Mike; he has been a client of Traci’s since 2015, he started coming to Traci for Reiki treatments, continues to do Spiritual Guidance sessions and his whole family see’s her too!

Mike here. Traci is a guiding light.  Whenever there seems to be darkness I know that she will guide and support me to find my way through.  Through her lessons, energy medicine and channeling I always know that I am supported from both with in and around me.Xenagogue – translator & tour Guide of the Human Experience

These are a couple of students of our Membership Community.  Their monthly investment in Self Awareness without Judgement has empowered them in being able to change the course of their lives, in developing their Self Awareness and consciously deciding who they want to show up as in their daily life:

Meet Crystal; she completed her Soul Healing Protocol in 2019 and went on to completely revamp her life. She and her Mom. Cathy found the support that they needed to share and grow from the Self Awareness Membership community… 

Hello everyone, I’m Crystal. I came to see Traci as a Mom of 4 young boys, struggling with both Self Love and managing my family and career. Self Mastery gave me the confidence to find my own path and to start my own business.  I learned to follow  my intuition without guilt and to build a life that I am proud of.  My on-going personal and spiritual development is supported in the membership community.  I am so grateful for my Spiritual Family.

…not everyone changed their life to completely revamped their life:

Meet Sharon; she has been working with Traci since 2019.  When she first embarked on this journey she was very skeptical of Energy Medicine.  Today, Sharon has not only graduated from Soul Healing Protocol, is in the Self Mastery Alumni program and you will get to know her personally as she is a regular contributing member of the Level 1 Membership Community…

Nothing in my life changes while at the same time EVERYTHING is my life is different.  I am confident, self aware and they key character in my own life story.  I have the tools that I need to be who I want to be most of the time and the loving support of a community that has witness my growth and supported me over the years.  I am so grateful.


These are graduates of Soul Healing Protocol:

My name is Kylie. I just wanted to take the time to tell you how REVOLUTIONARY the love/fear scale [Scales of Awareness workshop] you shared last night is for me. It not only brings together everything you have taught me, but has given me a working model to effectively pull myself out of a pattern I couldn’t before. Instead of inauthentically trying to force myself into gratitude (#2 love story) I can gently pull away from fear patterns into just allowing (B4) and from that find love so much more easily. I can’t thank you enough for sharing this tool, I will be forever grateful for this and all of the teachings you share. You provide Spirituality, Community and Love (all of my love stories) thank goodness (and obviously!) I found you in this lifetime! 

… and of The Practitioner’s Journey:

Hi!  I am Nadia. I have so much love and gratitude in my heart for both this journey called Soul Healing Protocol and my experience in Practitioners.  I am so empowered by all that it has gifted to me.  I cannot begin to express what you (Traci) have done for my life, my confidence and my Soul. It has been transformative and beyond beneficial in all areas of my life.